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Foreigner asked: How do you distinguish Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people by appearance?

Fashion 2018-03-11 14:53:16 0

If you want a group of Asians to stand together naked and take away their hairstyles, cosmetics, accessories, etc., then it is very difficult to tell if they are Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Even for an Asian person, it is very difficult.

In other words, the best way to distinguish between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese is through personal style.

In most countries, people follow some mainstream appearances. You can judge where someone comes from based on your choice of clothing, color, make-up, hairstyle, and their two-part silhouette.


This is hard because China is a bigger country. Japan is only an island nation. Korea is essentially like an island surrounded by water, while the only neighbor is North Korea and China... It is surrounded by many neighbors.

The most obvious style. You will see bright colors and clothing styles, mix and match interesting travelers (laces, visible prints and slogans) in a variety of ways. They are also the brands most likely to be top-to-toe.

Women in mainland China sometimes have long hair, low back or waist length.

Men's hair is either very short, or the hair is a bit asymmetrical (such as long bangs and short hair in other places).

From the simplicity of the northern Chinese people I have seen, there are more. Some have very wide cheekbones and wide chins, which are very different from South Korea and Japan. When I think of northern China, I think they have very beautiful skin, with good cheekbones and/or wide/sharp jaw contours, and a round or square face.

Others think that the Chinese in the north are more like Zhang Ziyi’s:

I'm not sure whether these broader features are common in some northern provinces, but the northerners I know have a clearer, smaller and more delicate nose and a very smooth skin. I only know 1-2 Chinese girls in the north. Their small cheekbones and narrow chin are reminiscent of Zhang Ziyi, but China has a large population. I can't be sure that everyone is the same.

I noticed that the southern Chinese have more eyelids, more superficial skin, a flatter nose, and a less wide-faced person. Of course, this is just some people.

Complexion: I found that the color of the skin in southern China is from medium to medium darkness. I would say that the average level is quite moderate, they tend to have a very yellow or very pale background

The most recent beauty trend is Kbeauty. Women will have natural pale skin, pale makeup eyes, bright pink or red lips.

As China has so many cities, nationalities, new local trends and emerging sub-cultures, I expect personal style will be very diversified in the coming years.


Vogue International Editor Suzy Menkes wrote a good description when he visited Seoul in 2015:

"Every young person wears the same casual style - not "normcore" in deliberately anonymous, unbranded clothing, but in simple, simple pieces, often with bold accessories."

As a person headquartered in Seoul, I agree with her assessment. Koreans tend to wear simple foundations, also have neutral palettes (black, white, beige, gray, pastels, etc.), clean and light shoes, and looks simple hairstyles (this is actually perm The result + a lot of modeling and hair dryer!).

In most cases, things are kept simple in the simplest way, but women highlight their appearance with bright lipstick or loud and cute accessories such as neon wallets. And men tend to have heavy bangs, and the cut hair looks thick and large (rather than thin, multi-layer). The man barely has a beard.

Koreans tend to have the smallest eyes. Of course, some people have bigger eyes, but overall, their single eyelids are heavier.

Of course, they do not care about the size and appearance of the eyes when they were born. In South Korea, plastic surgery is open. Everyone will not go to avoid plastic surgery, as long as they are happy and make others look better.

The shape of the face: In my memory, Koreans’ faces are always oval. I don't usually see such faces in Chinese or Japanese. This is probably a more ideal face because it is not common.

Cheekbones: East Asians usually have a wide cheekbones. Koreans have relatively wide cheekbones, but the cheekbones are also very high. However, unlike other East Asians, his face is not square, nor circular, but oval.

Skin color: It can be from very white to fairly dark. I want to say that most of them are in the medium to medium range, with a yellow or neutral background.


Again, these are very general guidelines: Apparel choices can be eclectic, but usually within a topic/identity. Lace and teenage students, matted hair surfers, Rastafari in Asia, elegant office ladies, cardigans with pearls, etc.

Women's hair and make-up are often soft and clear. Light peach or pink blush, with subtle pink lips and lots of lip gloss, their lashes can get very long! Japanese women also have less cover and foundation, allowing freckles, spots and other light to escape, but in the end they still make them look radiant.

Men tend to do more experiments with their hair. Many people have layers of hairstyles. These hairstyles can be wavy and stylized, although some hairstyles may not have a clear appearance. If you see a long hair, long hair, men's hair, etc. - they are probably Japanese.

A long time ago, residents in Japan referred to the “Ainu people”. These people eventually merged into the Japanese population. But in my opinion, they gave the Japanese a rather different appearance, and Japanese people often had almost bigger eyes. There is a clear contrast with Koreans. I feel that Japanese people have long noses and sometimes high noses. In general, they can look like northern Indians like Inuit.

I also noticed that the Japanese eyebrows will naturally grow longer and wrinkle. I call them "Dragon Eyebrows". I naturally have this type. I see a lot in some Asians, but I see more in Japanese.

Eyes: Many times, I see Japanese people's puffy eyes that look very prominent.

I also noticed that Japanese women often have a small face, a round or usually very wide cheekbones and a small chin.

When it comes to aging, I find that Japanese men look younger. Maybe this is some facial features, but I also think that their facial hair grows better.

Skin color: very suitable for medium. I found most of them in the light and medium range, and there are yellow or more peach shades

Whether your judgment is correct, but do not chase people to ask: "You are Chinese, Japanese or Korean?" Many people think that such a problem is offended. You'd better ask him where he came from.