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Three kinds of costumes in the disk shadow, such as Hinata's net weight

Anime 2018-03-11 12:09:23 5

Naruto's style is mainly based on Japanese traditional culture, and Kishimoto's design of some costumes is really embarrassing.

When Ding was a child, his headgear was almost incomparable. This triangular hood looks like a briefs over his head. This design directly destroys the impression of Ding times in childhood, but it is better to grow up with consequences.

Ninja's unique mesh underwear is the most hot, plus these women Ninja comes with a prominent upper ward, this design is simply a naked temptation it! The image of this costume in Hinata and Red Bean is the most classic, and Hinata is more conservative. This image occasionally appears.

The red beans are very open and completely expose the underwear. How could such a teacher make the forbearance examination well?

Is it true that a female character with a big breast should wear it?

In Naruto, the most embarrassing equipment design is the shoes of the ninja's feet that resemble slippers. Although it wasn’t slippers, the shoes that came out of the toes did exactly what they wanted. They also used their feet to attack their opponents. Even in the iron and snow country, the ninjas wore this toe-bearing boots, and wouldn't they really freeze their feet?

The artist is bold and bold. When it comes to shoes, wearing a mallet can also be one of three tolerances. If you say that ninjas don’t wear slippers, it’s also easier to say that this clogs is more difficult than slippers. When she was alone, she was also confidently wearing a clogs while standing in the rain. How exactly does this flip-flop fight?

What else are the costumes that you think are more awkward?