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Fun and safe Real shot MG 6 Super Sports Internet Edition

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【Pacific Car Network New Car Experience Channel】 With the booming automotive market, young people have always had a strong demand for manipulation. The new MG 6 was born to meet the needs of young people. It has the most outstanding dynamic driving performance in the sports sedan market. Of course, fun is fun, and safe driving is also the biggest appeal of young consumers. Therefore, the new top-flight model launched by the new MG6, the Super Sports Internet Edition has added a large number of high-tech security configurations to the original top models. , As well as the addition of a comfortable configuration that focuses on humanistic care, let's take everyone to understand the static performance of this new model.

Equipped with new MGPilot advanced active driving assistance system

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that the new Super Sports Internet version models are dominated by advanced security systems. What does this security system mainly include? It can be summarized by four letters of the alphabet (ADAS). They are ACC adaptive cruise, FCW forward collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, LDW lane departure warning, and SAS speed assist system. In the same category of competing products (such as Civic, Angkorra), etc., they may not all be owned. Imagine that, with the help of these advanced active driving assistance systems, driving safety levels will increase by several levels.

ACC adaptive cruising is more common in mid-to-high-class sedans, and is even rarer in A-class joint-brand cars. The system can be activated at a speed of 30km/h or so, and then automatically maintains a safe distance from the preceding vehicle. The distance between the two vehicles is adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle, which greatly reduces the fatigue burden on the traffic personnel.

The following FCW forward collision warning system is aimed at alarm sounds and combination dashboards when the vehicle speed is greater than 8km/h, and the driving speed is higher than the vehicle speed in front. Then the safety distance between the two vehicles is gradually shrinking. The information prompts the driver to perform braking measures and restores the safety distance from the preceding vehicle. And similar to this system is AEB automatic emergency braking system, if the speed is 8-80km / h, in the event of a sudden encounter with pedestrians and vehicles, the vehicle will take braking measures to avoid accidents.

Many new cars have been equipped with a lane departure system, but the new MG 6 will be slightly smarter. When the speed exceeds 60km/h, the driver has not used the turn signal and the wheel has already pressed or is about to overwhelm the lane line. When it is on, an alarm sound will be issued and the dashboard will indicate the pressure line condition, prompting the driver to correct the steering wheel in time to avoid the vehicle deviating from the lane.

SAS speed assistance system is Xiaobian's most admired configuration. At present, China is relatively strict on speeding and speeding. If one pays attention to speeding fines, penalties are minor, but traffic hazards are major issues. The speed assistance system has three modes, namely, speeding alarm, smart speed limit and active speed limit function. Through the camera to identify the speed limit warning sign, when the speed exceeds the legal speed limit of the current section, the system can quickly remind, Or intervene in the current vehicle speed to stay within the legal speed limit.

Add several smart configurations

In addition to the above-mentioned advanced active driving assistance system, the new top 6 new top models also have several smart technologies, namely 360-degree panoramic camera, automatic high-beam switching system, front seat heating, induction-free bone Wiper and interior rearview mirror automatically anti-glare, especially the first three configuration features are not the main competitors, and Xiaobian think 360 degree panoramic camera is doing better, the image feedback is not clear, click on a body Azimuth will immediately map real-time views of the location.

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Quickly learn about the new MG 6 Super Sports Internet Edition

The new version of the SuperSport Internet is roughly the same as the cash-esque Exotic Internet model. It is still based on the previous E-MOTION concept car model. The shape of the Continental Coupé is still its biggest highlight, including the "Starfire Rider" type. The gas grille is full of sense of hierarchy while it is full of recognition. This configuration of full LED headlamps leads the industry's many competitors.

The interior color of the two-color collage is both distinctive and personalized, and the overall layout is biased towards the driver's side, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving this aspect. In addition, a 7-inch LCD dashboard and a 10.1-inch HD capacitive screen are jointly formed. The dual-screen interactive operation, Zebra 2.0 system has enriched the multimedia entertainment life, and the voice recognition function and external device function are the most attractive young people to pursue digital products.

The new MG 6 Super Sport Internet version is still equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged engine, which is matched with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The chassis configuration is the front McPherson type, and the rear multi-link independent suspension. The whole base is born for control. Health.

Full-text summary: According to the current top model, the price is over 130,000. If the new top-level equipment is maintained at around 150,000, it still has a strong price/performance ratio. First of all, it will not lose or even exceed it. The level of driving conditions in the inside, followed by the newly added assisted driving configuration and intimate comfort configuration in the practicality of this side to overwhelm the old opponents, I believe that the introduction of new models, it will set off everyone's attention on the A + class vehicle market. (Photo/Text/Photo: Pacific Cars Pan Hongyi)