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Historical celebrity stories told to children: The story of Daxie

News 2018-03-10 23:15:33 1

Daxie was the founder of the Xia Dynasty, but we were familiar with him because in the text, he was unable to enter the house because of water, and he finally cured the story of the flood.

Story One: Dashuihui

The story of the flood control was well-known to everyone. But where did he cure the flood? From the current geographical location, it should belong to the scope of the Yellow River Basin. He took advantage of his father’s lessons in controlling water using the interception method, and invented a new method of dredging and controlling water. Its main point is to dredge waterways so that water can flow east smoothly into the sea. He also divided China into nine states according to the geographical conditions of the mountains and rivers: Chenzhou, Qingzhou, Xuzhou, Zhangzhou, Yangzhou, Liangzhou, Yuzhou, Zhangzhou and Jingzhou. His approach to water management is to treat the mountains, waters, and waters of China as a whole. He first administers the land of Kyushu. The dredge of the dredging should be flat and smooth, and a large number of places should be turned into fertile land. Successfully managed the flood, and to commemorate him, called him a great cockroach, and the name of Dafa came from it.

Story Two: Daxu Creates Xia Dynasty

When you are old, you will also look for heirs like you do. Because of the merits and demerits of flood control, everyone chose the election. When he died, he took over as chief of the tribal coalition.

At this time, it has reached the end of the clan communes. Productivity develops. What a person produces, in addition to maintaining his own life, has surplus. The leaders of the clan and tribe used their status to turn surplus products into their own private property and become nobles of the clan. With the remaining products, war broke out between the tribes and the tribes, captured the captives, and no longer killed them, but turned them into slaves and labored for the nobles. In this way, the two classes of slaves and slave owners gradually formed, and the clan communes began to collapse.

Because of his achievements in the water, he has improved the prestige and power of the leaders of the tribal coalition. The original assistant, called Yao Tao, once helped to control political affairs. After the death of Yan Tao, Bo Yi, the son of Zhai Tao, also worked as an assistant. According to the system of meditation, Bai Yi should have been the successor of Yan. However, after dying, the nobility of the Xia tribe where he was acquainted with his son, Kai Qi, inherited his position.

In this way, the tribal coalition's election system during the clan commune was officially abolished and became a hereditary system of the throne. The first slavery dynasty in the history of our country - the Xia Dynasty appeared.