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The Beiqi EX360 and the Chery 3XE, with the same life of 300 kilometers and 100000 yuan, how to choose?

Car 2018-03-10 20:52:51 7

At the beginning of this year, two car companies, BAIC and Chery, released their own masterpieces in the new energy market this year, including Beiqi EX360 and Chery 3XE, with the end of Beijing's 2018 electric car index shakeout.

Both of these vehicles belong to electric-powered SUVs that are more than 300km long. However, the most noteworthy thing is that before that, models with a battery life of more than 300km were generally priced at 100,000 to 150,000. EX360 and Tiggo 3XE will pull prices down to less than 100,000 for the first time!

With the release of these two new products, we have reason to believe that the spring of pure electric vehicles has come. At least the price is.

So how do these two products choose?

Beiqi EX360

The Beiqi EX360 is an upgraded version of the EX260, with an ideal range of 398 kilometers. The vehicle adopts a motor with a maximum power of 80KW, a three-element lithium battery pack, and an ASR anti-skid system. The appearance size is basically the same as the EX360 and EX260. The vehicle size is 4110*1750*1583mm and the wheelbase is 2519mm. EX360 officially began pre-sales at the end of last month, providing a 10-year free warranty on motors and batteries.

Regardless of the price or parameters, EX360 has a strong market competitiveness, but from the point of view of the vehicles manufactured by BAIC before, user reputation is not very good. If EX360 still wants to continue selling, it needs to work hard on the quality control so that consumers can feel comfortable and open.

Chery Tiger 3XE

Following Chery EQ and Ariza 5e, Chery launched an electric car masterpiece and Chery's first pure electric SUV, the Chery Tiggo 3XE. This car is based on the Chery Tiggo 3X build, size can learn from the previous Chery Tiggo 3X. In order to demonstrate the new energy features, the chrome trim strips and wheels are mostly inlaid with blue. The length, width and height of the body size are respectively 4200mm/1760mm/1570mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2555mm. This is a great advantage in the same model. In addition, the Tiggo 3XE uses a motor with a maximum power of 89 KW. The NEDC's integrated operating range has reached 351 kilometers. Under ideal conditions, the cruising range of 60 km/h is more than 400 kilometers. It is equipped with 49 Wh. The large-capacity three-element lithium battery supports fast charging, and the battery motor provides an eight-year free warranty.

Chery's product quality has accumulated a certain reputation in the previous product, but the new car smell is too large, the details of the control and other issues are still very prominent, if you want to beat competitors to stand out in these areas still need to be improved, in addition, Tiggo 3XE The price may be slightly higher than the Beiqi EX360.

Beiqi EX360 compares Chery tiggo 3XE, if you choose the price and brand, you can choose Beiqi EX360. If you look at the performance, cruising range, and car space, then Chery tiggo 3XE is more appropriate, of course, such as sitting position, storage space, driving corners, etc. The subjective driving experience is still known after the on-site trial.