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New height for mobile phone photography! Vivo Super HDR helps you make big shots

Digital 2018-03-09 21:30:14 166

With the continuous development of science and technology, people's quality of life is constantly improving, and mobile phones, as essential personal belongings, bear many "tasks." Among them, photography has become a daily habit of many users. When you walk, you shoot, eat when you shoot, and when you go shopping, you have to shoot. Therefore, when you select a mobile phone, the camera performance must be given.

Among the many mobile phone brands, the vivi camera's photo-taking capability has consistently ranked first in the mobile phone industry. "Lighting up your beauty" has become a familiar slogan. Vivo has accumulated a wealth of technical experience in the field of mobile phone photography, such as intellectual beauty technology, independent image DSP chip, image Rubik's cube technology and so on, allowing users to feel the shock of mobile phone photography.

Recently, vivo held the “Media Day” event at the Hangzhou R&D Center and released its latest video R&D results—Super HDR! It is this innovative black technology that surpasses the iPhone X in backlighting technology and opens up a new era of mobile phone photography.

So what kind of technological superiority does vivo Super HDR have, can it be “discloaking”? In summary, with vivo Super HDR camera technology we can have more excellent picture quality performance, more intelligent camera experience and more extreme backlit camera strength.

A lot of users discovered the full scenery in the process of going out to play and took out the mobile phone to record it, but the photos taken were far from the scenery they saw. Now with the help of vivo Super HDR technology, the maximum dynamic range of the mobile phone camera has reached 14EV. This way, the quality of the photo taken by the mobile phone can be closer to the picture seen by the human eye, and the colors, details and layers are even more. Realistic, more beautiful and natural.

I believe that many people use mobile phones to take photos, the treatment of backlight is an insurmountable hurdle, everywhere to find the shooting angle is still not effective, of course, there are PS people choose to modify the late software, but these operations are very influential camera experience . This vivo has achieved a very big breakthrough in the backlight shooting. Under the scene of backlighting, Super HDR will perform reasonable allocation for jumping light and shadow, so that the tone will always maintain normal results, and the multi-frame algorithm will also be based on the picture. The light conditions of the dynamic dynamic highlight / shadow part of the adjustment, the quality of the transition is more natural, restore the most realistic camera scene. In addition, when shooting portraits in backlight, it is also possible to ensure that the face is bright and clear, and the true portrait is perfectly restored. From the backlight, the camera can get rid of the “big black face”.

With the help of AI technology, Vivo Super HDR can intelligently judge the number of shots and frame selection strategy, and distinguish the moving objects on the screen during HDR synthesis, thus avoiding the "smear" phenomenon after HDR photo synthesis. In the white photographing technology is not high, you can easily take a clear and beautiful photos.

Vivo has an absolute leading edge in the field of mobile phone photography, thanks to vivo bold and innovative spirit and profound technical knowledge, always able to provide users with the most needed "black technology" for the majority of users feel the charm of science and technology . As for the technology which will be used in vivo new machine? We will wait and see!