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Wildland Action New map football field, racing track and other scenes are exposed, increasing gameplay complexity

Game 2018-03-09 22:52:57 2

On the lobbying drama, what you love to play is what I want for you.

At 9:49 this evening, Wilderness Actions official website WeChat once again exposed several scenes of the new map. Let's take a look!

On March 5th, the wilderness action official has released a concept map of the new map, but there are only two, one is a crater and one is a rocket launch base.


Rocket launch base

According to the official website, the crater scene is similar to the current map, but there will be a basin of towns. In this case, the commanding tactics will be the best tactics; the second rocket launch base scene, and the launch pad next to the rocket may summit the rocket. It is also a good position for a commanding height.

Just now Wildland Action has updated two concept maps, one is a football field and one is a racing field.

football field

race track

According to the two maps updated today, it can be seen that Wildland Action is diversifying the game scene and is no longer a separate building group, but adds more landmarks so that players can feel the complexity of the map while playing the game. The stimulating sensation, the complexity of the map, and the need for tactical tacit cooperation between teams, the new scene can also make players feel more fun.

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