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9th car hotspot: I heard Peugeot made 508 to cancel the frameless doors, the comment area was blown!

Car 2018-03-09 21:53:08 72

(This article was written by headline robot Xiaomingbot)

I heard that the Peugeot-made 508 had to cancel the frameless doors and the comment area was blown up! (Author: cars report) : have to say, the new Peugeot 508 is show, a sweet, but consumers do not seem optimistic about China - and from 508 domestic spy photos, it seems that no domestic version you want to cancel Frame car door design. Although it has not yet officially entered the country, its coquettish design has successfully reached the top, and there are many discussions with riders. Good boy Zhiqiang: 508 taillights do not look good, interior style is very good, is to look at the plastic feel a bit heavy! Not to change is too different from the national conditions, but Shenlong surgeon's advantage has been erased!

Marcus feels that Tesla has been building a factory in Shanghai for a long time (author : New Highway Force): Musk asks Trump on twitter. A few hours ago, he started a lobby on twitter and asked Trump Development in the United States: "Do you think that the rules for cars in the United States and China should be equal and fair?" Tesla will build factories in China, 2020 Starting production in the year, the annual output can reach 'tens of thousands of vehicles'. "This is the only way to make Tesla cars cheaper in China," said Musk when he talked about building factories in China.

Why did the big gentlemen beat their hands on the McDonald's Kids' Set? (Author: autocarweekly) : after all, like me alone to walk into McDonald shot will be a children's menu is relatively easy to provoke surprise seven-foot man's eyes. But the toy cars included in this package are all made of plastic. After all, a package with a price of 19 yuan is not realistic for a toy car with a fortune of forty or fifty yuan. But toys are toys in the end. After a few days, the hot-skinned men will throw these cars in a corner they can never find in the house. They can't remember how many McDonald's children have eaten for these cars. Packages.

The “footless” Zotye is even more terrible! (Author: new automobiles Chi) : Thai public heard core sector "tape unit" to face disbanded! Zotye SR7 price from 66,800 VS Audi Q3 priced from 249,000. Porsche CEOOO LiveBlume's "Mystery Expression" when visiting Zotye booth. The models that have been mocked and ridiculed when they are not yet on the market have actually sold quite well. Zotye has also been tagged with "plagiarism" by virtue of their earning pride. Recall the eye-popping styling of "Zhongtai Tiguan" and "Zhongtai Porsche".

Automatic driving will formally enter the country, and millions of Chinese will finally be exempted from the test driver's license. (author: love car) : That night, the Chinese auto pilot "national team" Apollo open platform Baidu led the team ran hundreds of vehicles in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and complete the "8" under unmanned crossing mode Difficult movements. According to the SAE classification of automatic driving: 0 belongs to traditional driving, 1-2 belongs to driving assistance, and 3-5 belongs to automatic driving system. Audi, a veteran carmaker known for its “lamp factory” and “science and technology sense”, is reluctant to miss the field of autopilot, so it developed the fully automated driving technology 10 years ago and successfully launched the world’s first realization of L3. Automatic driving production model.

More and more people don't buy Haval H6. Now it's popular and it looks better. atmosphere! (Author: Comment cars Little) : a start when buying a car is directed at Haval H6 go, but helpless to auto trade city to look at cars found no current car, after a salesman now more popular Great Wall vv7 , inventory is also large, now give money, immediately be able to drive away, after I saw this car, it was very good-looking, it was impressed by its handsome appearance, with my cousin watching the car also said this car is good, Now many people are driving this car, so decisively bought this car, here's to listen to the deaf person's personal feelings about this car: [Appearance] appearance does not need to say, very domineering!