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Zotye T500 SUV is officially listed. For Zotye, this is progress.

Car 2018-03-08 22:54:33 34

It is time to give some praise to "Zhongtai." They just launched the new Zotye T500 SUV, which is not a replica of any other model. For Zotye, this is progress.

The power of the Zotye T500 SUV comes from the 1.5T 156-horsepower engine, which matches the 5-speed manual or 6AT gearbox. The price range is from 69,800 to 12,300 yuan. This is basically the same as Zotye's other compact SUV engines. Dimensions: 4632/1850/1695mm, wheelbase 2700, provides a superior spatial performance beyond the same level.

Zotye T500 uses a new interior design, using 8.8-inch floating touch screen. The dashboard is analog, but the background imaging makes it look digital. Configuration, the new car will be equipped with a key to start + keyless entry, ESC body stability system, tire pressure monitoring, 4Gwifi, panoramic parking images, driving recorder, touch mute air conditioning, LCD dashboard, panoramic sunroof, voice control and In addition to car networking and other configurations, the high-profile vehicles are also equipped with ACC adaptive cruising, AEB automatic emergency braking systems, inductive electric tailgates and other core configurations, and are also equipped with a night vision system that is only available on luxury vehicles.

Zotye T500 SUV's appearance is very beautiful, everyone can see. The back has a very type, in line with the people's aesthetic habits. The only drawback is that the rear exhaust pipe is too obvious. It really should hide it.