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Zhang Yixing: It is also good to have a daughter later, acting properly

Entertainment 2018-03-08 22:43:44 25

The "Ultimate Challenge" has a theme of slow life, in the middle of the task, Zhang Yi Xing's task is to bring children.

Zhang Yixing entered the room and greeted the children and became familiar with each other. Zhang Yixing told the children: "Beginning from this second, I want to tell you that you want to treat me as one of your dads. So what! Daughter!"

Watching Ye Shengxue (child) shy look, Zhang Yi Xing could not help but say: "Oh, so cute ah! Daughter, what do you want to eat today?"

Ye Sheng snow said: "egg"!

Zhang Yixing: "OK, OK, Daddy does it for you."

Zhang Yixing combing hair in the leaves, excitedly said: "I think after a daughter is not bad, my father gave you comb ah!"

For the first time to girls hair Zhang Xing, I really do not know how to do, the process seems clumsy.

Ye Shengxue children seem a bit dissatisfied, said: "Who told you to tie me to the princess head?"

Zhang Yixing a bit nervous, said: "You do not mean that I want to maintain such a high degree, and then help you tie the hair?

Ye Sheng snow reluctantly said: "Well, just you."

Zhang Yixing: "Well, I'm sorry, my daughter, come and we will try again."

Ye Shengxue: "I'm too lazy to wait for you."

Zhang Yixing: "Do not thing"

Ye Shengxue: "Moreover, I will be late for school."

Zhang Yixing: "You must be late"

Ye Shengxue: "To"

Zhang Yixing: "We have a little bit of horns in this good?"

Ye Sheng snow: "I do not want, the teacher said, to tie together."

Although Zhang Yi-hsing was clumsy in taking care of the girls, she finally completed her task successfully.