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Partition air industry is a blank card Kadazhi air conditioning blowing a variety of wind component area air supply standards

Household 2018-03-08 22:50:00 36

On March 8, the China Household Electrical Appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair (AWE) hosted by China Household Electrical Appliances Association was opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the focal point of this AWE high-end home appliance exhibition area, Casa Di Cemetery and Yun Ding air-conditioning ecological breathing conservation exhibition attracted tens of thousands of people's visit and experience. Among them, the world's first multi-temperature air-conditioned smart zone - Ceilings air-conditioning, demonstrated at the scene through demonstrations and experiments a air conditioning how to blow a variety of different wind "partition air supply" technology. At the same time, the AWE bidding on the successful release of the first air-conditioning district air supply standards, that is, Casa Imperial Di Xi air-conditioning district air supply technology as the standard, becoming the first high-end appliance industry. In the industry imprisonment in the "single air supply" mode of the situation, the Casa Di was invented to be able to blow a variety of temperature at the same time the high-end air-conditioning, so that the appliance industry in the process of intelligent, high-end across a large step.

Single Air Supply Mode Traditional Air Conditioning Urgently Needs to Be Transformed

When the social contradiction translates into the contradiction between the growing need of a better life and unbalanced development of the people, under the driving force of new forms of consumption, the single mode of supply of ordinary air-conditioning can no longer meet the growing high-end demand. Air supply, many air-conditioning companies began to try to air technology to achieve a more comfortable air supply experience, zoning air supply or will be a new trend.

At the scene of the two Japanese high-end brand exhibition area, the staff showed the latest technology to avoid strong wind blowing. Unlike them, Castillion Casio air conditioning on the scene to show the world how to use an air conditioning blowing five kinds of temperature of the wind, that is, to subvert the industry's traditional "district air supply" technology. And through the AWE site "partition air" video and feather experiments, allowing more users to experience the new era of high-end smart products produced under this new era.

Original district air supply Casa Imperial breaks the law of industry

In the 120,000-square-meter pavilion, the demonstrations and experiments conducted by Casa Di Air-Conditioning to verify the technology of “divisional air supply” were particularly noticeable. Through the on-screen screen projection demonstration, we can directly understand the "Divisional Air Supply" technology of Tianyi Air Conditioning. When someone is within 5m of the air conditioner, the Grid-eye human body temperature sensing sensor will perform a full-body scan of the human body and will acquire the human body. The somatosensory condition is displayed in real time on the screen in digital form, and it is matched to the suitable air-conditioning wind. With the constant change of the human body state, the air-conditioning wind speed and temperature will also change, which clearly shows that Casa Ditian实际 The actual effect of air conditioning "partition air supply".

In order to make the audience have a more intuitive experience, Ceiling air conditioners hanging on both sides of the feathers, at first, air conditioning wind speed consistent, the flaring on both sides of the same height. Subsequently, the staff invited two different gender, experience of different ages were standing on both sides of the air conditioner, then the height and extent of feather flashed also changed, apparently, Ceuta air-conditioning can be based on perception of different body hot and cold blow different Wind, which is the first case in the industry.

Relying on single-person release of the industry's first district air supply standards

It is worth noting that on March 8th, a new product launching conference with the theme of “Scorpio Advent”, the head of the China Association for Standardization announced that Casa Di Tianyi Air Conditioning has created a “divisional supply” to distinguish high-end technology from the entire industry. "Technology, the industry identified its standard as the first district air supply standard. At the scene, Luo Hong, Director of the Institute of Basic Standardization of the China National Institute of Standardization, issued the industry zone air supply standard with Tianfan air conditioning as the standard. At this point, the first district air supply standard in the air conditioning industry was born in Casa Di.

In addition, at the press conference, Casa Di also released a high-definition Tianmu air-conditioner with a value of 99999. As the first air-conditioner using carbon fiber material, Tianhe air-conditioning has a sense of fashion in design and material selection. And practicality. As a partner of the air-conditioning exterior material, Covestro experts also explained carbon fiber materials in detail at the press conference.

As can be seen, Casa Di is not only committed to technological innovation to meet user demands, but also led the long-term market leadership throughout the air-conditioning industry's butterfly. In the Yikang data, Casa Imperial air conditioning since the beginning of the 15,000 yuan price segment high-end home air conditioning sales share in the first place, not only with the industry competing products opened a huge gap, but also led to the overall high-end air-conditioning upgrade .

Relying on the "one man and one" strategic layout of support, Casa Imperial air conditioning with original wisdom "custom" experience for the entire industry to bring "textbook" type of smart upgrade paradigm. In the future, the high-end home appliances represented by Casa Imperial Air Conditioner will also find a new direction of transformation and upgrading and become the new impetus for further development of the home appliance industry in the world.