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It is said that Japan is very clean and India is terribly dirty. Why can Japanese people like to live in India?

History 2018-03-08 22:57:57 9

When it comes to Japan, we all know that this country is very clean, there is almost no garbage on the streets, and the Japanese love cleanliness, or even cleanliness, and if we say India, we can immediately think of various kinds of dirty things Worse, there are other customs that we find difficult to accept.

Indeed, the environment in India is not very good. Every year, many people die of respiratory tract infections. The river is full of rubbish. However, the Indians still use the river to wash and then drink the water.

So although India has a long history, but basically no Chinese people to travel because the country is really too dirty, but it is such a dirty country, but there are a lot of Japanese people living there, but also Long stay!

Really strange, Japan is not a clean addiction do? How would you like to live in so dirty India, and even many Japanese girls were married to Indians and lived in India for so long? It is unbelievable. What's your opinion?