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Zhang Yu Xi sun and father and mother photo A family of three Yan value is envy User: Guards

Entertainment 2018-03-06 17:22:53 11

Zhang Yu Xi sun and mom and dad photo

March 5, Zhang Yu Xi in the Weibo bask in a group photo with parents, and confess to their parents: "My little princess and the little prince ~ let me love you all my life." Zhang Yu Xi assembled all the advantages of their parents, a family of three high value envy.

After the microblogging is issued, netizens have onlookers message;

It's me. -Jing: It looks like mother

Lin Lai: nose mouth like a father, eyes like a mother is really beautiful

Slender thirty-five pounds long legs Ouni: Mom is so young, like a sister

Forgive me for being a Cancer: Wow, a model carved out of mother, are beautiful