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Xiaoshan to take off! Chengdong Zhizao large corridor development plan introduced, involving Wen Yan, Yi Bridge ... ...

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Recently, the development of Xiaoshan planning,

Keep coming news!

Xiaoshan heart throb,

Urban development, people wealthy, Xiaoshan take off!

"Hangzhou Chengdong Zhigong Corridor Development Plan" </ strong> officially released,

A blueprint for the construction of a large corridor on the east smart building slowly expand.

Xiaoshan mainly involved in three blocks!


Seongdong Smarter Hallway </ strong>

There are two special "big corridors" in Hangzhou: Chengxi Kechuang Grand Corridor, the main science and technology innovation; Chengdong Zhizao large corridor, specializing in intelligent manufacturing. Two corridors together, like a butterfly wings, become the new engine of economic development in Hangzhou.

Build an overall space architecture for "multi-platform with two regions" </ strong>

In the area: </ strong> The southern main road along the South, Airport Expressway, the Red Line 15, Jiangdong Avenue and other traffic routes, the north along the East Lake Expressway, Desheng Expressway, Jiangdong Avenue and other transport routes to form a "Y" Form smart manufacturing industry development zone.

Two Zones: </ strong> Qiantang River builds "Jiangbin International Zhizao New District" on the south bank of Qiantang River and "Chengdong Zhizao Integrated Innovation Development Zone" on the north bank of Qiantang River.

Multi-platform: </ strong> Hi-tech Development Zone in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dajiang Industrial Cluster, Hangzhou Airport Economy Demonstration Zone and Hangzhou Renhe Advanced Manufacturing Base.

Main direction </ strong>

A new generation of information technology, automotive and new energy vehicles, high-end equipment.

A new generation of information technology: key breakthroughs in specialized integrated circuits and high-end general-purpose chips, intelligent security, network communications equipment, intelligent manufacturing integrated application services and other key directions.

Automobiles and new energy vehicles: The key breakthroughs are core technologies such as power battery, drive motor and electric control system, forming a complete industrial system from key components to complete vehicles.

High-end equipment manufacturing: focus on the development of high-precision composite CNC machine tools, automatic intelligent production lines, the development of controllers, precision reducer, smart sensors and other core components, the development of various types of urban subway (light rail) vehicles, key components, Repair and overhaul equipment.

At the same time, it will also target the global technology and industrial development trends and focus on the planning of seven future industries such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, quantum technology, additive manufacturing, commercial aerospace, biotechnology and life sciences to seize the commanding height of future industrial competition .

In addition, Zhizao large corridor will focus on the development of manufacturing industry, focusing on the development of industrial services, industrial design, e-commerce, research and innovation, business incubation, science and technology finance, smart logistics and other productive services.

It plans to create a national manufacturing innovation center in the fields of new generation information technology, medical health, high-end equipment and other fields and strives to set up Hangzhou Institute of Industry (Hangzhou Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing).

Planning Scope </ strong> The Chengdong Zhizao large corridor involves Jianggan District, Binjiang District, Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District and Fuyang District. The planned area of ​​the core area is over 500 square kilometers, Including Hangzhou High-tech Development Zone (Riverside), Dajiang Industrial Cluster (Linjiang High-tech Zone), Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, </ strong> Yuhang Economic Development Zone (Qianjiang Economic Development Zone) , Hangzhou Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, </ strong> Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City and other major platforms and radiation to Fuyang Jiangnan and Dongzhou block, Yuhangren and advanced manufacturing base, Xiaoshan Yiqiao high-end equipment manufacturing Industrial Park and Wen Yan additive manufacturing industrial park and other places. </ strong>

Core Area and Spatial Structure

Planning goals </ strong>

Planning Term 2017-2025, Long Term Outlook to 2035. </ strong>

By 2025, Chengdong Zhizao Corridor has significantly increased its position in the manufacturing industry in the city. The scale, innovation and intellectual property of the enterprises have significantly improved. The breakthroughs in digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry have made breakthroughs and a synergistic development pattern Basic formation.

By 2035, the Group will further enhance its position in the global industrial division of labor and value chain and form a group of internationally-competitive intelligent technologies, smart products and smart manufacturing enterprises, and will build a pioneer in the development of the global future industry, a "manufacturing power" and a " Network Power "leading strategic integration of the two regions, the leading economic zone of Hangzhou Bay Economic Manufacturing, Hangzhou River Development Co-Innovation Zone.

Focus on the development of platform-oriented schematic

Different directions for each block </ strong>

Hangzhou High-tech Development Zone: Focus on developing a new generation of information technology industries such as Internet of Things and the Internet, foster the development of future industries such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and create a "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship center with global influence.

Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City: Focusing on Enterprise Headquarters and R & D Center in Intelligent Manufacturing, Industrial Software Development and System Integration, Industrial Big Data Centers and Applications, Financial Services, Manufacturing International Conference and Exhibition, and Import and Export of Smart Equipment (Products), etc. East Chi made the corridor of intelligent manufacturing innovation service center.

</ strong> Focus on the development of industries such as automobiles, parts and components, and high-end equipment, actively develop future industries such as key equipment and spare parts for commercial aerospace, and build a strategic growth pole for advanced manufacturing in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Economic Development Zone: Focus on the development of biotechnology and life sciences, high-end equipment, a new generation of information technology, new energy and new materials, actively develop future industries such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and additive manufacturing, and build "Xiasha Science and Technology City" to build Hangzhou Smart manufacturing innovation and service demonstration base.

Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone: </ strong> Focus on the development of new energy vehicles and parts, electronic information, industrial robots and other industries, and actively develop future industries such as quantum technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and build advanced manufacturing agglomeration area and Smart manufacturing demonstration zone, built a national high-end fiber industry cluster demonstration area and the national new industrialization (equipment manufacturing) industry demonstration base.

Yuhang Economic Development Zone (Qianjiang Economic Development Zone): Focus on the development of high-end equipment, medicine and health industries, build provincial-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration pilot area.

Hangzhou Airport Economy Demonstration Zone: </ strong> Focus on the development of airport headquarters, airport logistics, airport business and airport production and other industries, and actively strive to replicate the promotion of free trade zone policy, to create a national high-end airport industry Agglomeration area, the national cross-border e-commerce development zone, the national ecological wisdom aviation city.

Hangzhou Renhe Advanced Manufacturing Base: Focus on the development of new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, new energy and other industries, accelerate the construction of Yuhang new energy vehicles town, building an important development zone for the development of advanced manufacturing in Chengdong Zhizao large corridor.

Agricultural Bank of China: </ strong> We will speed up the construction of new fiber material industrial parks and high-end manufacturing industrial parks, and build a demonstration zone for national high-end fiber industrial clusters and a national new industrialization (equipment manufacturing) industrial demonstration base.

Characteristic town and industrial cooperation park distribution map

Like praise for a better Xiaoshan call! </ strong>

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