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Quan Jian a change to find opponents Achilles heel on the spot Cassock era 4-0 welcome to open the door

Sports 2018-03-02 22:06:09 1065

March 2, 2018 Super League in the first round of the war, away to Tianjin Weijian challenge with Wittsel, Sun Ke's goal and Modest's scored twice, 4-0 victory over Henan Jianye, won the Super Good start, the second round of the audience in the AFC final hard to force the Japanese Cypriot God finally forced the right to return to the right path in Tianjin.

This field of Paul Sosa's formations some surprises, Pato did not enter the list, Modest, Wittsel and Quan Jingyuan three foreign aid. Zheng Darren, Sun and U23 teenager Liu Yue became the "3" behind Modest, and Wang Yongbo retreated to the midfield and Wittsell served as the double midfield.

The first half of the defense in Henan is very steady, Quan Jian several counterattacks were blocked blocked, several long-range goalkeeper Wu Gong was also sealed. Henan coach Tarajiqi tactics in the first half is very appropriate, the face of a strong strength of the card face strength Tianjin Jian, Henan shrink space, will Quan Jian offensive speed and offensive efficiency are contained. Both sides saw 0-0 finals, but the last minute, Quan Jian still broke the deadlock. Wang Yongbo free kick on the right sent to the restricted area, Quan Jing nodded before throwing a small restricted area, Wittsel easily Tuishe broke 1-0 leading into the second half.

Paul Sosa saw the first half tactics be checked, the second half tactical changes, began to emphasize the width of the course, the use of Modest height, Qiangdian ability and excellent body to carry out high-altitude bombing. Sosa's change is to focus on their own strengths and weaknesses of each other. Modest individual ability has a huge advantage, and the use of the width of the stadium can also make each other's contraction of the defense was forced to open, this change can be said to identify the Henan Jianye's "Achilles heel."

Sosa this change has achieved good results, the first 51 minutes, Modest took advantage of the other defender in the header mistakes scored the second ball Quan Jian.

The first 70 minutes, Quan Jian's biography again angry, Zheng Darun's pass to the point, Modest header hit the ball. 4-0, Quan Jian lock the victory.

During the Canaveral coaching era, Quan Jian's second half often showed better performance than the first half, Paul Sosa continued this fine tradition, such a power to the fans to bring the feeling is stable and Toughness, especially in the final stages, can give opponents more pressure to ensure better results.

Sosa these few wars show the ability to adapt is not inferior to last season's Cannavaro, after the first round of a good start, people have reason for this season, Tianjin, Kinmen and Matsu reported more look forward to.