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March again to the season! Zhengzhou and the most beautiful flowers around the schedule! Go to see the world of flowers

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Flower is a kind of Masamori

Whether it is the ancient snow-plucking plum

Or now a family to explore spring

Free to feel the natural beauty is the best way to relax ~

For people living in the city

Weekdays busy spare time

You can enjoy flowers not far from home

It is just another good thing

Extravagant Spring 2018 Flower Timetable </ strong>

With the family to feel the unique fragrance of spring it

People's Park </ strong>

Recommended ornamental flowers: </ strong>

March, spring flowers, flowers in the park on both sides of the water system, Mudanjiang, etc .; Forsythia flowers spent in Chuk Yuen, Mudan Shan, etc .; Begonia Tang Hua Yu Tang Park locations.

April, cherry, tulip, Bauhinia, Tortoises, Magnolia, etc. one after another open.

Best View: </ strong>

East Gate - Youth Road - Lotus Square - Yu Tong Park - Peony Garden - Sakura Garden - Yee Love Park - Wangshan - Hu Gong Temple - Chuk Yuen - East Gate.

After the Spring Festival holiday, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. People's Park, Spring Flowers and Forsythia flower, it has quietly bloom it! Little golden stars, really add a touch of spring poetry.

Of course, until the end of March, the cherry blossom season in April, to People's Park, the fragrance of floating cherry Bay must not be missed!

[address] </ strong> No. 97 North Erqi Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City;

[Tickets] </ strong> free and open;

[traffic] </ strong> 100, 302, 303, 517, 52, 67, 8, 91, B20, Y821, Tour 16 to People's Park West Gate.

Bishagang Park </ strong>

Recommended ornamental flowers: </ strong> Begonia, sakura

Best Blossom Period: </ strong> From mid-March to mid-April

In the Bishagang Park, most Begonia flowers near the South Gate, there have been some Begonia stuck his head, flowers overflowing. The larger area is open, it is estimated to be in late March and later.

As our largest Zhengzhou Begonia planting center, every March and April, Zhengzhou City, Bishagang Park has more than 50 varieties, more than 5000 Begonia flowers competing bloom.

Spring full of Bisang Kong, in addition to blossoming beauties fight begonia, it belongs to this if Yunxia red and white intertwined cherry.

[Address] </ strong> Intersection of Jianshe Road, Songshan North Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province;

[Tickets] </ strong> Tickets are free and the rides charge.

[traffic] </ strong> Road 1, Road 9, Road 46, Road 49, Road 68, Road 79, Road 84, Road 99, Road 103, Road 301, Road 521, Road B11, Road 9, 50 Road, 52 Road, 88 Road, 101 West Road, 103 Road and so on. Subway Line 1 Bishagang Station.

Zijingshan Park </ strong>

Recommended ornamental flowers: </ strong> Bauhinia

The best season to see: </ strong> April

Purple pines and cypresses mostly Park, with colored flowers and shrubs echo, lush, because of its name, essential must be Bauhinia! Bauhinia surrounded by clusters of Hanbaoyufang, warm and imaginative embellishment in the branches, do not have charm, and the spring sunshine and lagoon waves echoes, warm and melting.

[Address] </ strong> No.108 Jinshui Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou.

[Tickets] </ strong> is free.

[Transportation] </ strong> Metro Line 1. Bus 86 Road, 9 Road, 27 Road, 37 Road, 72 Road, 82 Road, 101 Road, 117 Road, 303 Road and so on


Recommended Ornamental Flowers: </ strong> Plum, Peach, Cherry, Tulip, Begonia, Peony and more.

Best date to see: </ strong> March to May.

As a back garden in Zhengzhou, you want to step out to enjoy flowers, green Expo Garden must be a perfect place!

[Address] </ strong> Zhengzhou Zhongmu County Chengkai Road and Humanities Road intersection 2 km south

Students (full-time bachelor degree or below) 60-year-old to 70-year-old 15 yuan / person; soldiers, 70-year-old or older, children under 1.4 meters tall, Persons with disabilities access to the park free of charge.

[Transportation] </ strong> Take tour of 568 to Green Expo Park (North Gate) Station, travel 573 Road to Green Expo Station; or Subway Line 1 to the Yellow River South Road Station exit from the b2 exit to the bus stop Take a tour of bus 568 Green Expo Park area.

Zhengzhou Botanical Garden </ strong>

Recommended ornamental flowers: </ strong> Peony, peony flowers, sakura

Blossom Period: </ strong> Late April

Botanical Garden However, we major studio in Zhengzhou with customers take a good place for filming! A friend shot in the greenhouse studio wedding, almost the United States do not want!

Botanical Garden has more than 300 peony varieties and nearly a hundred peony varieties, more than 50,000 strains. In mid-April each year will be held in the city peony, peony flower show. There are more than a thousand strains of cherry blossoms, in full bloom, from afar a pink, full of romantic atmosphere of color, no wonder the major photo studio preferred!

[address] </ strong> Zhengzhou Zhongyuan West Road and West Fourth Ring Road intersection south 500 meters east;

[Tickets] </ strong> free and open;

[Transportation] </ strong> Take bus No. 9,23,31,45,52,83,88,101,104,302,315,322 to Bishagang and take bus No. 112 in Bishagang Get off at Mazhai Station

West Lake Park </ strong>

Recommended ornamental flowers: </ strong> More than 30 species of ornamental plants, hundreds of thousands of plants, are planted in the West Lake Park

Cherry Blossoms: </ strong> Open in 3 ~ April.

There are over 100 species of Huangshan Luan, Magnolia grandiflora, Ginkgo biloba, cedar and white wax in Xiluhu Park and abundant aquatic plants. Therefore, it always feels like a universal West Lake with evergreen seasons. In pleasant enough, standing in the water and look at the distant trees and reeds, will feel the physical and mental relaxation.

[Address] </ strong> Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, West Loop Chemical Road intersection west 150 meters.

[Tickets] </ strong> Free.

[traffic] </ strong> 11, 12, 34, 99, B29, Y819, 71, B12, 210, 60 and so on.

In addition to our big park in Zhengzhou great beauty

There is no inferior beauty of the University can not miss!

Admire the beauty of college

And then feel the campus atmosphere, but also excellent!

Zhengzhou University </ strong>

Recommend the best ornamental flowers: </ strong> Sakura

Blossom: </ strong> From late March until mid-April

The beauty of Zhengzhou University is well known. Every spring, we have to go to the great university of Zheng Da re-warm the beautiful time, lamenting the students' flowery.

Spring Festival every year, Zhengzhou University, the new campus of cherry, in no way inferior to the greatly inferior. Especially from the end of March to mid-April, the cherry blossoms at Zhengda Campus are competing with each other, creating a unique view for the beautiful Zhengda Campus.

[Address] </ strong> 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou

[Tickets] </ strong> is free

[Transportation] </ strong> Take bus B12, B2,177 or Metro Line 1 Zhengzhou University Station.

Henan Agricultural University Old Campus </ strong>

Nongda campus is famous for its garden-like campus, the campus has a hundred meters long "cherry Lane." One of the beauty until the cherry blossoms, to feel the rotten spring campus!

[address] </ strong> No. 95, Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou City;

[Tickets] </ strong> free and open;

[Transportation] </ strong> Take the 6,17,28,506, k906,86,95,211 road car to the East Gate of Henan Agricultural University to get off.

Thamun good place to read the door

You can also choose to drive to the surrounding green look spring!

Yunyang Rape </ strong>

Departure from the Shenyang City, along the Wanshan Road, Provincial Highway, Central Tsui Valley Tour Road composition of the road, all the way to enjoy the golden rape shop on the golden carpet.

Apricot blossom </ strong>

Recommended Ornamental Flowers: </ strong> Almond Blossom

Cherry Blossoms: </ strong> March 19 - April 5

Jianshan located in Xinmin City, northwest Jianshan Township territory, every spring, apricot Xin Yan dense mountain blooming, rape blinking in the sun, mountains and green enchanted. Come spend flowers here, but also feel the cultural atmosphere of the mountain ring! Adults and children will enjoy it, it is worthwhile trip.

[address] </ strong> The new secret peak

Traffic </ strong>] Zhengzhou - Zheng Shao Expressway - New Michigan exit - stone slope mouth

Houzhai Cherry Grove </ strong>

Recommended Ornamental Flowers: </ strong> Apricot, Peach, Cherry, etc;

Cherry Blossoms: </ strong> Cherry blossoms are March; apricot blossoms and peach blossoms are mid April.

March each year, where the cherry has become the ocean flowers, birds contend, overflowing flowers. By the May Day or so, here is into the fruit maturity, against the backdrop of verdant greens, string of cherry is like crystal red agate is exciting.

[Public] </ strong> Zheng freshman attached to the hospital by 317 bus directly to Cherry Valley;

Traffic </ strong> Songshan South Third Ring Road - Cheng Road - Hou line 5 km south of reachable.

Shaolin Temple </ strong>

Recommended ornamental flowers: </ strong> Rape flowers

Blossom Period: </ strong> March

There are many mountains around the Shaolin Temple rape, rape mountains, layers of mountains around, exceptionally beautiful shock! Sunny spring day, no matter from that point of view, are more and more beautiful, the road can climb Mount Song, and now Yu A small passenger car, Zheng Shao free high-speed, it is a good time to Dengfeng oh ~

Traffic </ strong>] Departure in Zhengzhou direction Dengfeng to Dengfeng Shaolin Temple.

After reading this flower timetable

Is not it can not wait to enjoy the flowers?

Wear good-looking clothes and have a good mood

Rough hair it!

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