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About all the people are chasing this drama, do not believe Douban!

Entertainment 2018-03-02 19:11:47 6

Love, this is a sweet and hidden bitter words, is the eternal topic of mankind.

When a film and television drama "love", "love" as the main line of expansion, the ratings are generally not too small, the viewing group will not be too cramped, after all, no matter what age are people, and "love A little related.

The recent release of "Mr. Love" is exactly the case.

Watercress score from 5.3 to 5.6 to 5.8 all the way up; from the beginning of the broadcast is not optimistic about the subsequent plot of high energy, all the people discussed, the ratings soared, all this can not be separated from veteran - Jin Dong.

Jin Dong, presumably everyone is familiar with the name.

From the "masquerade" in the brother "Minglou" to "Lang Lang Bang" in the Langya House Lord Lin Chen, and "my first half of life," He Han, these people are reminded of the role of the veteran "Type of good actor.

And these roles, for Jin Dong, also has a certain meaning.

He won the 19th best actor in Modern TV series by virtue of the "Ming Zhuang" corner in "Pretender". He also won the title of "2018 Ai Qi Yi" in the role of 'He Han' Night "" annual drama male artist "honor.

In the first month of the New Year, she was also awarded "Sapphire Actor Award for Best TV Actor of China 2017".

"Love, Mr." and whether it can bring him a new luck, worth the wait.

About this role played by Jin Dong, named "Cheng Hao", is a modern high quality man with both gold medal dentist and love expert.

The play, "Cheng Hao" an appearance, gave everyone a surprise, burst of gold sentence.

He said in his opening remarks: "Once upon a time, the letters were slow and the letters were slow enough to love only one person for a lifetime. Now the aircraft, high speed rail three times a day, WeChat, e-mail reply speed of light, a lover of love is called loyalty."

This sentence can be described as how realistic there is more than reality, revealing the contemporary young people love crisis, it is no wonder that the audience said he saw his shadow from the TV series.

Jin Dong also made many breakthroughs in this role, for example, the "small meat" style bangs, which is different from his previous "veteran cadre" image.

Although the one mind can not be used, but the play's Jin Dong, "Cheng Hao," but both are not willing to let go, both careers have made a vivid description.

However, from the title of "Mr. Love", we can see that more important is the emotional aspects. Is the so-called in other people's emotions are masters, the gods, but in their own emotions but it is a small Hello.

In the play, Jin Dong also like the person "Luo Yue" and "dream lover" Gu Yao difficult choice between.

And on the "love" this nickname, it is because the play Jin Dong "Cheng Hao" always come up with a variety of ways to discuss the girl's favor, so with this "name only" designation.

Why is it "in name only"?

Because this "love Mr." has never talked about love, it can be said that the modern version of "on paper," and until he and Jiang Shuying plays Luo Yue do not know each other, and formed a fate, began a love Not yet, first love lovers battle chase.

For this role, Jin admitted frankly the pure feelings of the hero Cheng Hao, "Any love not to get married is a rogue, and now many people break up too easily, because the easier it is to get lost Faster. "

Therefore, Jin Dong is also a home-based "good man."

Jin Dong tell you: "love, must be really sincere."

This also represents the original intention of this drama: "" Mr. Love "is to tell you that in the face of love do not deceive each other and themselves, want true love, tell the truth.