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Female anchor Feng Timo monthly salary into millions of exposure, User: Scientist lifetime earn

Entertainment 2018-02-28 21:04:58 5

Now how to earn celebrities how much money, Feng Timothy strictly speaking even the 2 entertainment circles are unable to get on, but by virtue of live to become a popular superstar. From singing live today, Von Timothy has a very stable group of fans. All know that exorbitant remuneration for the price, but for Feng Timor, the salary is still refreshing the three views of users.

In these five years, God Bless live with the network become worth more than 300 million online Reds, every month to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini, although being blocked, God Bless has not been greatly affected, in his opinion, enough for themselves Northeast open chain barbecue shop. Of course today mainly said von Timothy, von Timothy drying out his salary, the monthly income of millions, can only say that poverty limits the imagination.

Live 2 hours a day, you can easily have fans and popularity, which is probably many people dream of work, face singing, you can get the support of many users. To what extent? Say "King cover the land tiger, mention one meter five", even short von Timothy still become the national goddess, von Timothy live can get the platform subsidies, but also get a variety of gifts presented by fans.

Reports show that Fung Timothy fans are not high culture, the majority of wage levels in 2000-3000 yuan, but they are in order to have close contact with Feng Timothy opportunity to send a gift every day to send hundreds of light That is, a group of people feed von Timothy. We look at today's civil servants wages around 3000-4000 or so, but Feng Timothy's own income a day, they crushed them for ten years.

Netizens said: Scientists do not earn a lifetime, take thousands of dollars, and today's fast-growing house prices, Feng Timothy just as a rich life, do not say that people can not afford to buy a house, and even Everyone contributes to a lifetime scientists only about 5000 treatment, but look at these red net, live in luxury, driving a car, do not know what to say!