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Huang Jingyu injured neck was handed a girlfriend beat, the parties responded

Entertainment 2018-02-28 20:35:57 21

Recently there are many people in the online discussion of Huang Jingyu domestic violence hit girlfriend thing, the whole thing goes by like this. February 26, Huang Jingyu flew from Beijing to Hong Kong, an uncharacteristic Huang Jingyu wore a white sweater wrapped around the body, but also with a hat to cover the entire head, but still be sharp eye photographed Huang Jingyu left neck and face there Obvious scratches. On the very same day, a female netizen sunbathing on the Weibo with a "wake up" photo showing multiple bruises on the woman's right hand. After that, many netizens accused Huang Jingyu of violently beating their girlfriends in the commentary area and also left a message saying "My sister took good care of her and grabbed her fish (Huang Jingyu). She caught her face and neck, and you still had children. Pay attention to safety."

Huang Jingyu neck scar obvious

Users hot Huang Jingyu domestic violence at the same time, some people verify the truth to the parties, screenshots from the private letter, the inquirers asked several questions one after another, including her break up with Huang Jingyu time, and the two emotional status, but the parties only respond Saying "I am not his girlfriend," denied the rumors of Huang Jingyu's family violence girlfriend and affirmed that she was not suffering from domestic violence in the comment area, but suffering from dermatosis. Just yesterday, all blog posts of the blogger According to the blogger, a lot of comments from Weizhou fans forced her to be a relationship with Huang Jingyu, which made her troubled and simply deleted all the blog posts.

User bite Huang Jingyu domestic violence

The parties clarified the relationship

Weibo content is all deleted

It is reported that Huang Jingyu contact Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been for many years, since the 2016 drama "addictive" hit, Huang Jingyu starring also overnight burst red circle countless. Huang Jingyu often exposed on the network reports of strawberries on the neck, each confirmed by Huang Jingyu practice tenderness scars. According to insiders, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can easily be hurt by nails to face, and remind Huang Jingyu to be careful nails so as not to break the wound.

Huang Jingyu did the barbecue before doing the barbecue grill workers, but also the radio as a telephone editor, starred in the drama was unexpectedly popular, Huang Jingyu not only acting conscientiously, but also many times to participate in public welfare activities, "Domestic Violence Law" was formally established The same day, Huang Jingyu also took the initiative to stand up for its publicity, remind female friends even experienced a domestic violence, but also brave to stand up, say no to domestic violence. Now innocent girlfriend was betrayed a domestic violence, this kind of "network violence" how to look?