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Why Vietnamese women do not wear underwear, the original is to facilitate combat

Military 2018-02-28 17:15:42 2

The recent news of a stunned surprise in the media is actually not news. The Vietnamese women's army was originally famous. What I did not think of is that Vietnamese women are not wearing underwear.

As everybody knows, Vietnam was colonized by France for many years because of successive years of war and has been playing for 30 years with the United States. As a result, there were few men in Vietnam. To make up for the shortage, many women only came to the army to make up for the shortage of troops. One thing we have to admire is that although the country of Vietnam is not big, the people in this country are very tough and hard-working. It is said that in the 30-year U.S.-Vietnam war, the economy of the United States and the world's first economic entity was almost He crashed.

So, Vietnamese women in the end wear underwear do not wear it?

It is said that Vietnamese women's soldiers do not wear underwear habits, it is time to fight with the United States formed, because at any time to undressing to confuse the enemy attack, so do not wear underwear has become a means of fighting, many American soldiers thus ate a big loss, To know that the U.S. forces are notoriously famous. However, it is not for this reason that Vietnamese women soldiers did so.

Men and women are different. Vietnam was also influenced by Chinese civilization very long ago. Confucianism infiltrated in fact is also an extremely conservative country. However, the war is merciless. Vietnamese women in the war have to shoulder the same high-intensity training and combat tasks as the men and women. Every morning, the emergency assembly gives Vietnamese women no time to organize troublesome underwear and gives Vietnam a long time Female soldiers allocated sports underwear funding conditions have not reached. Therefore, Vietnamese women do not wear underwear, as it is caused by the country's economic backwardness, or because of the emergency march caused by the troops.

The figure is the United States women's military sportswear underwear

However, Vietnamese women may not be able to wear it even when the conditions allow everyone to have sports underwear because of climatic reasons. Most of Vietnam is subtropical jungle, hot and humid, underwear in this climate for intensive training is not conducive to perspiration, it is very likely to cause prickly heat and other issues. It is said that in the past our country's veterans in southern Xinjiang, hiding in the cat's ear hole is not wearing underwear, but wearing a skirt, because hot climatic conditions, it is impossible to take a bath every day, this will cause lower body ulceration, resulting in non-combat Attrition.

In fact, Thai women did not have the habit of wearing underwear during combat training. Like Vietnam women, they penetrated through the jungle and crawled forward, making the underwear invisible an obstacle.

The photo shows a U.S. soldier escorting a Vietnamese female prisoner

Most important of all, when Vietnamese women soldiers are wounded in combat, if they wear tight-fitting underwear, it will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of treatment. However, the Vietnam women's army was originally engaged in the investigation and infiltration in the front line and the injury was unavoidable. Therefore, Items are also one of the reasons they do not wear underwear.

In the Vietnam War, however, Vietnamese women with low externalities in dress were often able to intervene among civilians to launch suicide attacks against the United States. At the time, however, the United States began to seek ways to stop the selection of Vietnamese women from among civilians. However, It was hard to prevent the U.S. troops from being bewildered by the Vietnamese women in the course of the campaign. In the latter part of the war, the United States chose to seize all the Vietnamese women whom it had seen and stop its centralized management. Otherwise, U.S. soldiers who "damaged" Vietnamese women would Will be more.

In the Vietnam War, Vietnamese women and soldiers often attacked U.S. soldiers by surprise. They were hidden in the middle of civilians and kept the U.S. soldiers hard to guard. Later, in order to reduce casualties, the United States adopted a centralized management of female soldiers.