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Those hyaluronic acid "destroyed" actress, Li Xiaolu very embarrassed, Cao Ying directly recognize

Entertainment 2018-02-28 12:12:45 6

Today's entertainment, hyaluronic acid appears to have become the tradition of most actresses, because compared to those ordinary mask, cosmetics, it can more quickly and quickly eliminate facial wrinkles, but the side effects are also very obvious, so the entertainment is also There have been a lot of "stiff face trend."

Not the goddess Liu Xiaoqing recently participated in a photo of the event broke, the figure in addition to her state of mind and facial relaxation, the wrinkles are filled with hyaluronic acid one by one flat. Before Liu Xiaoqing was particularly fortunate to have used hyaluronic acid early, but now it seems this hyaluronic acid has not been in use.

Our lovely leader Cyndi Wang, was taken to participate in activities was actually such a scene, as a former fan really dare not recognize.

Rainy Lin recently participated in the activities, has been hailed as the representative of the natural beauty, but from the face enough to see Rainie also used hyaluronic acid, or do not want to take advantage of not too serious, after all, Rainie itself quite good-looking already.

There are times earlier on the popular Li Xiaolu, what is the face, this smile so embarrassed.

Zhang Meng should be the most distressed one of the fans, the original pure debut when the image left a deep impression on the audience, but later the cosmetic is completely buried his acting career.

There are Spring Festival regulars Cai Ming, some time ago was photographed to participate in activities, a face not only by the time experience, but also by hyaluronic acid destroyed ah.

What do you think of this entertainment now this "stiff face trend"?