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Feng Timo pay strip was drying out, scientists earn a lifetime, friends: youth only!

Entertainment 2018-02-28 11:43:55 5

Popular as a fighting fish anchor, Fontiomo's reputation is actually no less favorable than the second and third tier entertainment star. And since the end of 2017, von Timothy suspects there is a tendency toward the development of the entertainment industry. Not only does von Timothy participate in the recording of Hunan Satellite TV's Happy Camp, but also ascend to the stage of daily progress. As a cybercore, von Timothy can get so many people recognized and sought after, it is not easy, but most people do not know about the monthly income of von Timothy.

Recently, Feng Timo fans broke the news this month, Feng Timothy income section, according to Feng Timothy monthly salary terms of view, Feng Timothy in January on the monthly income of up to 30 million. Under normal circumstances, Feng Timo's monthly income is likely to reach as high as 1 million. There are a lot of netizens after seeing von Timothy's payroll, some are not very good, there are netizens said, it really is poverty limits my imagination.

However, let the public even more unimaginable is that there is a net red Emperor mc God Bless, although mc God Bless has now been banned by CCTV, he also did not appear in his studio for a long time, but mc God Bless when doing live , Making money is to allow users pretty tongue. It is reported that mc bless the current worth has more than 300 million, and mc God Bless the overall annual income is about 80 million go up, more importantly, mc God Bless almost every month to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Although mc days to be blocked, but mc God Bless live in the early broadcast, earn enough money mc God Bless Xiaoxutao life live.

In fact, the red net anchor this career more profitable, has long been a familiar thing to the public, but in the end how to make money, the public is still unknown. However, Feng Timothy's salary terms of view in January, the network live red-man income is indeed people dare not imagine. In fact, for Feng Timothy and mc God Bless this network red anchor, they work about one day probably three or four hours, but their monthly income is far more than ordinary people teachers and civil servants.

According to the basic market conditions at present, the wage income of teachers and civil servants as a whole is between 3,000 yuan and 4,000 yuan. However, the monthly wage income of net anchorcasters such as Feng Timo is much higher than that of teachers and civil servants Civil servants. However, before the market survey shows that the majority of live broadcast viewers who sponsor mc God Bless and von Timothy are all relatively low liters, and their monthly wage is almost always 2,000 yuan Between 3,000 yuan. However, they used half of their monthly salary to support these network red anchors, which can also be seen as a pathological condition in the near-network red anchor industry.

Some netizens after learning about Feng Timo's monthly salary income also directly angry that scientists do not make an estimated lifetime earn so much money, it seems there is a reason for the Red Net anchor was blocked. What do you think?