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Monk 9 head scar on behalf of what does this mean? Buddhism teacher's explanation makes people suddenly realized

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In many costumes and television dramas, as long as there is a monk's lens, that monk's head is bound to withstand nine big scars, then these nine scars What is the point? In fact, one of them is a mistake. Historically, not every Buddhist monk in the dynasty will have 9 scalds on the top of the head, 9 points on top of the monk's head. This custom started only from the Yuan Dynasty, There is absolutely no scars.

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It was not until 1983 that China promulgated the "Resolution on the Question of the Sutra of the Han Buddhism Temple," in which it proposed that the monk should cease to have nine scaffolds on his head. Because these nine scaffolds hurt the human body to a large extent, even though Buddhism has rules, Can not take life and health in exchange for faith. Therefore, in the usual temples, few monks who scape the top of their head can be seen, even if there is an old monk left behind.

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Monk 9 head scar on the scalds also have a specific meaning, with the increase in the number of scar ring, the monk's level is also rising, scar ring is not only only 9, in fact, there are 12, but the top 12 ring scar monk , One of the few in our country. In many episodes of the film and television drama, only monotonous footage is presented and there are bound to be 9 scabbards on top of each other. This is actually a very misleading misleading remark. And the head of the ring scar custom, only Han monk only, point on the scar, it means to escape the prisoner's life, find a six clean.

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