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Flower Thanksgiving flowers sky full of novel endings Described in detail Zhang Xin to Li Xin Ai for face wins love

Entertainment 2017-12-03 14:30:36 8

The drama "Flower Thanksgiving Flower" will be officially aired on December 4. The play is starring Peter Ho, Zhang Xin Yu and others. So what is the drama "Flower Thanksgiving"? , Who spent the last days and who together?

Many viewers first listen to the drama "Flower Thanksgiving Flower" title that the play adapted from martial arts novels, it is not, it is learned that the drama "Flower Thanksgiving Flower" is not adapted from the well-known novel, the original novel will and TV series to meet with the audience.

So "flowers spend flowers sky" original story told what story? "Flower Thanksgiving flowers flying sky" original novel plot ups and downs fascinating, including "Xiao, Sima, flower, thank the" most entangled family of four clashes.

The first opening of the original novel, "Flower Thanksgiving Flower Flying," Xie Chien-hua and flower-filled family lead the hatred of love can not spend each other, Xie Chien-hsun family suffered an accident, the accident and Allure princess exchange of identity, the story unfolds !

What is the original fiction ending? </ strong>

The drama "Flower Thanksgiving Flower Fly" brings together the strength of many actors and actresses across the Taiwan Strait, the play can be said to be the first to fire, the play played by Peter Ho played by Peter Ho and Cheung Hsin Yu Xie Qian Xun Lang female appearance CP full, then " Flowers thank flowers spend the sky "original novel ending they together?

It is reported that the "Flower Thanksgiving flowers flying sky" original novel about the four families of compassion, including full sky and thank Chihiro is a deep family clandestine pair, in addition to family opposition, Chih-Chien has a princess Rivals, Li Xin Ai played Allure on the sky is full of love and righteousness.

Spend sky and thanks Chihiro find deep meaning, the two privately-owned life and regardless of their family's opposition to marriage, but on the wedding day Chih-Hsun family clashed fortunate enough to hide in the allure of Allure princess team from the disaster, Allure know the sky full of flowers to marry Chih-Chien want to jump cliff to death.

Thanks Chihiro and Princess Allure fell into the cliff together, this time the mysterious figure "Ling Gu Zi" appeared to save them, the mysterious person their face swap, which identity is also exchanged.

It is reported that the "Flower Thanksgiving flowers flying sky," the original ending fills the sky full of flowers and thank Chihiro Shuangshun amphibious, as Xie Qianhuan and Allure princess identity is how to get back, but also look forward to the TV drama Day "broadcast!

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