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Encounter 18 Changan CS75 red real car, this value not to mention Harvard beneficiary, joint venture car

Car 2018-02-27 11:27:09 73

In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry, our domestic brands and joint-venture vehicles have shown a rivalry. Especially in the compact SUV market, 7 of the top 10 sales in 2017 are domestic brands. , Chuan Qi, Chang An, Harvard and other domestic brands have models into the list, God car Harvard even have two SUVs have entered the top ten sales, and today we say that this SUV from Changan, 2017 annual sales of 240055 vehicles , Is also a very good result, it is the Changan CS75, into 2018, Changan Automobile has brought the CS75 2018 mid-facelift models, recently there are small partners in a local car park encountered 18 Changan CS75 red real car, let us see below.

From the real shot view, 18 models CS75 with a new design, look younger and cashier compared to the details, the new car uses a large quadrangular grille design, the interior uses five chrome ornaments Trim, further enhance the sense of sophistication, at the same time, the new car is also equipped with a new headlamps and the new front surrounded by more sophisticated internal structure of the headlamps and the use of LED technology, while the front surrounded by a more sharp shape, the edge of chrome Package, with a sense of movement on both sides of the intake port to further enhance. As a whole, the changes of 18 CS75s are more successful. This is not to say that Harvard beneficiaries even have a joint venture car.

The body is still using the cash side styling, but the new added a new style of polishing wheel, the shape is also more chic. Tail the biggest change is the taillights group, the use of one through design, depending on the overall look more stylish, it is worth mentioning that the 18 front of the face of the CS75 is specifically for people who do not like the front of the cash letter custom, Chang But also compromise to the market, personally think that Changan can face innovation in this issue, that is, when buying the car can choose the front face, I believe the sales will increase more. Body size, the new car's length and breadth were 4650/1850/1695 (with luggage height 1705) mm, wheelbase of 2700mm,

Interior made a drastic change, even as much as once a facelift, the entire center console was T-shaped layout, pure black interior with chrome trim embellishment visual effect is very luxurious, nowadays very popular suspension LCD screen is also equipped. Power, 18 CS75 equipped with a 1.5T engine, the maximum power of 178 horsepower, transmission, the same as the new car and cash that is to match the manual and automatic transmission.

Summary: The new CS75 and Geely Bo, Haval H6 is indeed relatively low-key, but the low profile does not mean that sales are poor, can be said to be muffled big money model, and by changing the strength of CS75 to be further enhanced, if Changan can listen Public opinion, with a minimum of 79,800 that is also a scheduling, not display, so that we can buy, I believe not only Harvard beneficiaries, even the car should be afraid of a joint venture.