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Cao Cao hate him to itchy teeth, Cao Pi dream to kill him, why he was popular in the Wei Wei spicy?

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Hate a person, immediately think of revenge This is a common practice; hate a person, but also reuse him, this is a British ambassador with ambitions. Today, Cao Cao, who I talked about, hates him very much in his heart. Cao Pi even tried to kill him, but it was strange that Cao Wei was the stranger who was entrusted with the task. In the end, he also married Cao, which is regarded as popular in Cao. Drink hot. Who is this person?

I believe many people have already guessed that this person is Zhang Xiu. Zhang Xiu can be considered as descendants of Xiliangren, who is the nephew of General Zhang Ji. Zhang Xiu inherited the heroic combat characteristics of the West Liang, very early to grow into a qualified generals. After Dong Zhuo was killed by Lu Bu, Zhang Ji and Li Kui, Kuo Kui and others attacked Chang An and avenged Dong Zhuo. And Zhang embroidery also came to Changan with them. Later, Zhang Ji died in the war with Liu Biao. Zhang Xiu took over the army of Zhang Ji on the homeopathy and started his own career of independence and reunification.

Later, Zhang surrendered Liuzhou Liuzhou table, and then stationed Wancheng, became the Liu Feng in the north of the vassal forces, to defend against foreign enemies for him. However, Cao Cao swiftly marched southward to attack Wancheng. Zhang embroidered do not want to hit the stone, so led the troops surrendered Cao Cao. And Cao Cao did a stupid thing, he forced to marry Zhang's widow Mrs. Zou. Zhang embroidered know furious, Cao Cao also know Zhang Xiu's dissatisfaction, so I would like to send someone to get rid of Zhang Xiu in advance, but the plan was leaked. Zhang embroidery altogether you unjust I injustice, launched an attack on Cao Cao. Cao Cao defeated, eldest son Cao Ang, Cao Anmin nephew killed, Meng Wei dying.

His eldest son, his nephew was killed, his love will fall, Cao Cao, how not to hurt, how not to tears, how do not remember Zhang embroidery? I believe we all know that Cao Cao's personality he is a revenge, when Tao Qian killed his father, he even slaughtered several cities in Xuzhou to sacrifice his father buried. Now kill his pro-son and love him really want to Zhang Xiu-sheng swallowed. But maybe Cao Cao's character is still a lot younger than changing. Cao Cao was not the man who wanted to take revenge at the same time. Now he has taken the reunification of the world as his own duty and his own self-hatred has become secondary.

So when Zhang embroidered once again surrendered to Cao Cao, Cao Cao not only the past not to blame, but also holding Zhang embroidered hands together to attend the party for his son Cao Jun married Zhang embroidered daughter. Zhang embroidered a good return Cao Cao's generous, he participated in the war to determine the fate of Cao Duo Guandu Cao Cao became one of the most cowardly generals, in order to defeat the victory of Yuan Shao won the battle of Guandu made a great victory. Later, Zhang Xiu followed Cao Cao to smash the Yuan Tan in Nanpi. Once again, it increased to 2,000 edible alms. At that time, the number of households in the world dropped drastically. Ten households only left one and the general Feng Yi did not reach 1,000. many.

A general surrender of the second, a man who loved to kill Cao Cao eldest son, Cao Cao can reuse him, with such a mind, it is not difficult to overcome Yuan Shao unified north is not difficult to explain. Cao Pi has always hated Zhang Xiu, because he killed his worship brother, there are records of Cao Pi had said to Zhang Xiu: "" You kill my brother, what else do you see! " Zhang Xiu therefore committed suicide and died, but the official records of Zhang embroidered Wuhuan to go with Cao Cao, and Guo Jia died the same way.