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Happy birthday Lantern Festival - 20100 Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Raiders

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Although the Spring Festival holidays have ended, but the rich flavor did not disperse, full of traditional culture and charm of the Lantern Festival is still worth our expectations. When it comes to the Lantern Festival, we all think of eating sweet glutinous rice balls, and when the night comes, everyone goes out to see the lantern, but many people do not understand the origin of the lantern. In fact, the Lantern Festival lantern And Buddhism has a very big relationship, the Ming emperor advocated Buddhism in the East on the 15th day of the first month of Buddhist monks Buddhist relics, lighting the day of worship, so the emperor on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month ordered the people in the palace, temples, People are hanging lanterns inside the house, so it reached today.

2018 Lantern Festival, Qingdao also has a wide range of Lantern Festival. Citizens and tourists friends in addition to enjoy bright and beautiful light show, you can also experience the fun of riddles riddles, a full flavor of the traditional festival. City Tourism Development Committee to give you a few blessing to celebrate the festival will be recommended.

First, 2018 Qingdao Spring Festival West Coast Ecological Park Lantern Festival - stunning debut naked eye 3D projection show

2018 The 2nd West Coast Lantern Festival consists of 36 groups of large-sized lamp units and an over 1,000-acre exhibition area with rich content, extensive subject matter and various forms of expression. Lantern Festival broke through the traditional lantern performance form and content of "New Year culture, international culture, Lunar New Year culture" for the creative use of sound, light, electricity technology, in the dazzling world of light and shadow, so that visitors experience the traditional and the Modern combination of Chinese and Western culture blending lantern charm. Lantern Festival West Coast Ecological Garden Tour not only brilliant colors, realistic shape, but also contains a profound moral. Let's take a look.

"Welcome door"

A large number of Chinese style elements, the integration of palace lantern elements, implanted Guohua, the use of red and yellow colors, a symbol of the people yearning for the new year.

"Panda Paradise"

"Bamboo new to hear the rain, diffuse mountain breeze blowing. Xiaozhu bamboo in the shadow, fog with bamboo bear." Represents a treasure donated treasure island, Wolong has a Dragon Chinese Dragon.

"Magic Forest"

Combination of abstract and image, using the umbrella of the image, a combination of volume grass graphic, LED lighting, showing a magnificent sight. Umbrellas represent wealth auspicious.

"pumpkin car"

Traditional design materials, combined with the new light, the horse represents a success, represents the success, but also towards success.

"Extra cash"

With this year's Lunar New Year, the dog is also the best friend of mankind, representing loyalty, indicating the advent of wealth, the so-called cats to the poor, blessed dogs.

"National flavor"

With fan as the carrier, Peony as the content, Peony on behalf of the rich, peony color. People have always been regarded as a symbol of wealth, good fortune, happiness, prosperity.


With the sweeping movie Frozen around the world as a creative theme, with the intention of lantern art performance presents the important scenes of the movie embodied most vividly, so that visitors linger.

Time: 2018.2.16 to 2018.3.4 (first day of the first month to the first month of the seventh month) White Time: 9:00 to 15:30; Night Time: 15:30 to 21:00

Festival Lantern Festival Tickets Price:

Preferential policies: 70 years old (inclusive) above the elderly, servicemen in China, disabled, accompanied by an adult children under 1.4 meters with relevant documents to enjoy free discount.

Note: As all the tourists entering the park have half-price prices, the half-price policy of 60-69 years of age will be canceled in the off-season, and the same adult price will be reserved for those who are over 70 years of age and within 1.4 meters. Yurts, RV and other special accommodation Reservations Tel: 0532 - 55585177

Travel information

West Coast Ecological Park Address: No. 3666, Jiaozhou Bay East Road, West Coast New District, Qingdao (5 km west of Wanda Oriental Cinema, Interchange of Shanhai Road and Jiaozhou Bay East Road)

Zijia route: Qingdao urban area - Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel - Lingshan Wei hub station - Wanda Oriental Cinema are five kilometers west - Two Rivers Road north to Jiaozhou Bay Road - east to Jiaozhou Bay Road 3666 Reach the destination.

Bus routes: 1, Qingdao urban residents take the tunnel bus to the Lingshan Wei junction - transfer 806 bus to get off at the West Coast Bus Terminal - 310 interchange to get off at the Tourist Park, reach the destination. 2, Qingdao urban residents take the tunnel 3 bus to the Huangdao long-distance station - transfer 310 bus to get off at the Tourist Park, reach the destination.

support hotline:


Second, Shinan District 2018 New Normal Folk Festival Lantern Festival activities

Guessing riddles is an indispensable traditional Chinese entertainment program for Chinese people during Spring Festival. It entertains participants, participants can enjoy various forms of lanterns and appreciate the wonders of various puzzles. View the lantern, guess riddles together! Shinagami Temple Shonan Temple New Year Folk Festival Lantern Festival rich and colorful activities, very much to look forward to. It is reported that by the Qingdao Folk Museum created a riddle research center created nearly a thousand riddles, all the works are original, the audience search software can not find the answer.

Location: Tin Hau Temple Shinagawa

Tel: 0532-82877656

Second, the ancient city of lights show

During the Spring Festival, charming ancient city of Jimo, has become a destination for many people travel. The ancient city lights up, full of festive atmosphere. As the venue of the 2018 Inkwell Light Show, outside the east and west gates, 5 spots outside the South Gate and the beauty spots of the Spring Festival in the city formed a light-viewing route, and citizens and tourists could enjoy the beauty of the ancient city free of charge view!

Time: February 16, 2018 (the first day of the first month) - March 3 (the first lunar January six)

Fourth, Qingdao Pingdu Spring Festival lantern temple

Pingdu's first New Year lantern fair has been on February 16, 2018 in Pingdu Wai Shan Park lighting, will continue until the first lunar January. Lantern variety, ornamental high, a large number of vivid traditional image of the lights at night. Visitors can regain the 90's Lantern memory, foot eye addiction! Temple Street creative cars and ideas, the old Beijing cuisine.

February 16 2018 - March 3 (the first day of the first month to the first day of the sixth month) 9: 00-21: 00

Venue: Pingdu Wai River Park (Lee off to the east 580 meters, Renmin Road and Yongzhou Road intersection)

Tickets: free tickets

traffic condition:

Bus: You can take Pingdu 12 Road, Pingdu 13 Road, Pingdu 1 Road, Pingdu 14 Road, Pingdu 1 Road, east line, Pingdu 1 West line until the benefit to the Group Shopping Center. To Lee off to the east to walk 580 meters, Renmin Road and Yongzhou Road intersection

Zijia navigation: high German map input starting point, the end of the input Lee Group to Pingdu Shopping Center.

Fifth, Pingdu Wenwang Mountain Lantern Festival Dream Lantern Festival

Pingdu Wenwang Mountain Dream Lantern Festival "Golden Dog Lunar New Year" as its theme, covering about 18 acres. Into the Lantern Festival scene, the first thing that catches the eye is a 30-meter long, composed of more than 50,000 kinds of small lights, "Time Tunnel", through the "Time Tunnel", you can see nearly 100 well-designed lantern , 50 kinds of lighting modeling, Ambilight, beautiful. Zodiac modeling vivid, Pegasus, peacocks, butterflies, pumpkins, windmills and other shapes playful cute, magpie bridge, fairy, lotus and other shapes will be romantic deduced to the extreme. Wenwang Mountain Dream Lantern Festival will be open all year round for the public and tourists to watch.

Address: People's Road, Pingdu City, about 6 km west of the West, Wen Wang Shan door to the west, Majiadianzi village east 200 meters (prompt card to the north that is)

Tel: 15650192786

Sixth, Chengyang District, "thousands of red lights welcome New Year" Lantern Festival

Activities Time: February 8, 2018 (twelfth lunar month twenty-three) to March 18 (two in February)

Venue: Zhengyang Road, Great Wall Road, Midtown Road, Qingdao Xintiandi axis

Activities: Lantern Festival will be the theme of "Sunshine Chengyang happy home" theme to the Sunshine Party, the Sunshine Government, Sunshine Justice, Sunshine Society, the sun five main construction projects, set the lantern plate and content, and integrated into the riddles guess activities.

Lion stilt downtown fifteen, traditional Lantern Festival Lantern Festival. Hoping the lantern festival, the whole family battle lantern guess. Firecrackers sounded gongs and drums, the crowd flow and look Social fire. Window reflects the reunion film, laughter came out sweet. In 2018 Lantern Festival, are you ready to enjoy the lights with your family?