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Beautiful models look beautiful flower refined elegance, tall, plump, tall and compact!

Fashion 2018-02-26 13:39:02 23

Pure and beautiful beauty models elegant temperament, gentle, looks sweet and pleasant, delicate face to drop people can not help but feel love and affection. Model body plump Yingrun, compact type, tall and slim.

It is a pity that it is obvious that the umbilical cord is clearly worn without being exquisitely dressed. However, it shows that the waist of the skin is very smooth and supple, white and moving, exudes water Lingling luster.

Pretty waist very soft and delicate models, from the S-type waistline can be seen. That white flawless beauty skirt will be the legs of the package tight, clear and clear outline, completely different, very compact and type.

In addition, the beautiful buttocks also unwillingly decline, you can see from the back of the beautiful buttocks and narrow waist appropriate transfer in the white dress, temperament pressing!