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This woman was 36 years old into the palace, but was named queen, gave birth to a son, actually inherited the throne!

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As we all know, the Qing Dynasty show women are generally 13 to 17 years of age, up to no more than 18 years old, but there is such a woman in the Qing Dynasty, 37 years before entering the palace, was named Queen, and most importantly, She gave birth to a child inherited the Qing emperor. So what is this queen? Take a look

Xi Tallaki is an ancient Manchuria surname, also appeared a lot of heads and faces of the people, the Qing Taizu Nurhachi's mother declared ancestor Xuan Mu Mu Qi is from this family. In the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years, the House of Representatives has an Explorer Minister called Er and quota, talked about this and Seoul's origin, his ancestors in Nurhaci, Huang Taizi period is the white flag of the minions, is not a wealthy man.

Saying that this sum Seoul has a daughter, Xi Taluo, Xi Tallacca as the House of Representatives on the third flag coat woman, according to the provisions need to participate in the House of the annual draft, if selected, in the best of ten Will enter the palace to become a palace daughter, but have to say that Xi Thalassa is a lucky girl.

About thirty-nine years of Qianlong, Xi Tarlaci participated in the House of Representatives talent come to the fore, the appearance is outstanding, virtuous Xi Thalas was superb at a glance, Qianlong will be allocated to her the emperor Yong Yan Yong Fujin. You know, in the previous year, Yong Yan has been secretly appointed as the Crown Prince of Qianlong, Qianlong know that this tower is likely to become the Queen of the Qing Dynasty, but since it is the Qing royal couple, Qianlong Why did you find a woman of a coated origin?

To put it, there is still a great relationship with the political environment, when the Minister was unable to determine which Prince Qianlong as heir to the throne, but they can use the background of the Prince Edward Fu Jin's family background to determine who is Prince, so in order to avoid this The occurrence of the situation, Qianlong only found a coated woman gave Wing Yan to do 嫡 Fu Jin, otherwise, Xi Tarlac of this origin of the woman is in any case will not become Qing Qing 嫡.

In sixty years of Qianlong, Emperor Qianlong made clear that in the world, it was announced that Emperor Lianyong, the emperor of the 15th founding emperor, was the crown prince, and that Yong-ji-yi-fujin-hi-tarlac became a princess as well. To this end, Emperor Qianlong let his Ying- Jing Ren Gong moved out, so Princess Prince Thata lived. This year, Xi Tarlac is 36 years old. The following year, Jia Qing was the emperor, Xi Tallac was booked as Queen of the Qing Dynasty, into the palace.

It is said that this hi Tarras should begin to enjoy this rare honor, but she is actually a blessed woman, just made a year's queen, easy Jiaqing two died in February of the year, only 38 years old. Soon, Jiaqing for his wife, the wife of the original Xiaofu Empress, six years later buried in the palace of Changling.

It is worth mentioning that this filial Shu Rui queen Thale Thailan gave birth to a prince, that Jiaqing second son Minning, Minin later inherited the Qing emperor was Daoguang emperor, Daoguang also became a clear The only emperor to inherit the throne as a prince!

Throughout her life, though she was born in the House of Representatives, she was fortunate enough to be a member of the Jiaqing Yuan Dynasty. However, she only spent a year as a queen and her son, Daoguang, also made an emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Fortunately or unfortunately? Can only say: things are impermanence, life is like chess, perhaps we are only pawn Bale!