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Dragon Ball Super: Universe, Mozu will be the sequel to the main Boss story

Anime 2018-02-25 21:47:39 12

If you have to add a group of Dragon Ball Super Boss, I hope it is tough! If you have to give this group of Boss plus a race, I hope it is Mozu! Protoss originally corresponds to the Mozu, and the king is in charge of God and angels! Then there must be in charge of the devil and the demons exist in the ghost!

Dragon Ball super end, many people are looking forward to the end of the Universiade there Boss there! In accordance with the previous screenwriter and story of Pearl, there are certainly! One of the Boss is the big devil that Kyrgyzstan slaughtered in the past! Mozu has been the last boss in the Dragon Ball

For example, Carrick, magic devil, evil read wave, Buu and so on! Because the Mozu has the same supernatural powers that destroy God angels and passive! When the Mozu Boss appears, it is estimated that God is poorly intervening, because of the same ability to master each other at different levels of the universe

So it is estimated that the final shot is Wukong and Vegeta and others. Of course, our revenge Ji Lian brothers! Mozu began to be screenwriter weakened from the beginning of BAK! Well, a devil because of Gohan when he is good and friends, very funny

Bugs in the era of the magic we see the real evil of the fighting force, its physical strength, powerful, magical Daihatsu, to say nothing to destroy the earth! In the Phantom wave theater version, we see its ability to move without the entity! These are regarded as one or two of the hundreds of millions of Mozu only role

Mozu Boss wake up from the Universe Assembly will be a group of powerful Mozu Boss! These Boss may release a magnetic field to restrict the ability of God and angels, or how Wukong and others can save the universe again, or you destroy a destruction of God, Wukong went home farming