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62-year-old Chow Yun-fat naked donated 5.6 billion: people live to the extreme, must be vegetarian and Jane

Entertainment 2018-02-25 18:43:05 7

Do you know how much money Chow Yun Fat made since it made?

Some media estimates: 1.3 billion.

There are media estimates: 2.3 billion.

More media estimates: 3.4 billion.

But one did not estimate right.

Last month, the hair sister Chen Hui Lian,

To participate in a file interview revealed:

"A total of 5.6 billion."

This body is simply horrifying.

But even more shocking is the hair behind a sentence:

"We have donated the money one hundred percent donated,

Have set up a good foundation, the formalities have also been completed. "

5.6 billion, all donated, really cattle fork.

Ten years ago, Ren Quan and hair brother acting,

Asked a brother made such a sentence:

"Fat brother, you make so much money for whom to spend? You have no children ... ..."

Chow Yun Fat smiled and said:

"The money is not mine, I just keep it for a while."

This sentence to Quan Ren Meng Quan.

"Not you, for the time being, what do you mean?"

Now, Ren Quan finally know the answer - to do charity.

Years ago, James Wong said: "Fat brother has seen wealth."

When I saw this, I did not believe it.

Now, I believe it.

In 2014, IPhone has been updated to 6.

Do you know what cell phone?

He once said inadvertently:

"I have not used a smartphone until now,

Because I feel that I do not need,

Phone can call, contact just fine,

Do not need too many functions. "

Many people do not believe, I will doubt the letter.

But after I saw a show I believed.

This show called "I want to ask fat brother."

In the program, many people question the fat brother.

One of the problems is:

"Fat brother, you use Apple or Samsung?"

Results brother said: "I use Nokia."

He not only used Nokia,

And with a very old Nokia.

Two years ago, brother made Nokia's broken.

This use of smart phones.

Smartphones are not new ones,

But fat sister eliminated unnecessary.

Fat brother do not play mobile phone, do not play micro letter.

He said: "We do not actually need much information, but we should learn to listen to our voices." </ strong>


Take the bus

Take the ferry

There is a passage among Hong Kong citizens:

"Want to meet Hong Kong stars,

Go to Central luxury shopping,

Want to meet Chow Yun Fat,

To the subway, bus stops and markets. "

Fat brother though expensive for the international superstar,

Worthy as much as 5.6 billion yuan,

But he does not take a car, yacht,

He likes to squeeze bus, subway, ferry.

Therefore, people in Hong Kong ridicule him as "cheap bones."

Hear this address, Fat brother smile intertwined:

"I do not have drivers or other staff,

My ideal is to be a happy ordinary person.

The more people grow, the more they find themselves.

Really hard in life is not how much money,

But how to maintain a peaceful heart,

Live an ordinary and happy life. "

Ekin Cheng has a saying very well:

"When many celebrities think about hype over the day, </ strong>

Fat brother has been back to ordinary people. "</ Strong>

Ren Quan and hair brother filming together,

Found a secret brother made:

"Fat brother actually go to Silk Street to buy cheap clothes."

Ren Quan think this is a secret,

In fact, this is no longer a secret in Hong Kong.

Fat brother to buy things never go to high-end shopping malls,

He only went to parity shopping malls and convenience stores.

"Buy a $ 98 T-shirt."

"Buy 15 yuan a pair of slippers."

"And bargain with the boss."

In shopping, hair brother is so stingy.

Fat sister in a file talk show said:

"He does not like shopping,

He only spent 800 a month. "

That year, brother CCTV "art of life."

Zhu Jun asked: "What brand-name clothes would you buy?"

Fat brother squint, with a smile replied:

"No, my clothes are worn for more than a decade."

Then, Zhou Runfa asked Zhu Jun:

"What should you do if you finished your show?"

Zhu Jun said: "Take it home and wear it."

Chow Yun Fat asked: "Are you comfortable?

Zhu Jun said: "uncomfortable, a little uncomfortable ..."

Then, brother made such a sentence:

"I think these things clothes,

Not to wear to others,

As long as you feel comfortable on the line.

So I will not buy expensive clothes. "

Once, foodie Chua Lam a friend to eat.

During the show, the actor praised Chua Lam Chua Lam:

"Chua Lam is the emperor in this area."

Cai Lan heard, quickly shook his head:

"I can only say that a regular customer,

The real emperor of Kowloon City is Chow Yun Fat. "

Why Chow Yun Fat is the emperor of Kowloon City?

Fat brother with the vendors here into one,

He is very familiar with every store.

See the owner asked to ask short,

Even the grandmother's family remembered.

The shop here is just like his family

He can freely credit,

After signing, a few months end account. "

Remember a word who do not know who,

"Really understand people have a special character,

That is full of smoke gas. "

I think hair brother is such a person.

He said: "This is part of personal life,

Impossible to say you're an actor,

There is no such habit.

I like to chat with those small vendors,

At least know what life is now the environment,

You know where you live. "

Fat hair like to bubble in those foods, noisy, noisy, laughter and tears,

He thinks this is what life should look like:

"Smoke is the essence of life. </ strong>

No smoke, </ strong>

Life is a lonely trip. "</ Strong>

May 18, 2015,

Fat brother ushered in the 60th birthday.

60 years old, a year, be regarded as a big birthday.

Can send brother this birthday is extremely shabby:

Find a very humble restaurant,

Did not invite any celebrities and celebrities,

Only fat sister and two of them,

There Sister sent a small cake.

A netizen made a photo of the birthday of the brother sent to the Internet,

Ushered in a whining sigh:

"How do you feel so shabby?"

"How do you feel so bleak?"

But fat brother himself is happy:

"The most earthy thing in the world is this light joy." </ strong>

Chow Yun Fat and Ng Man Tat,

Both classmates, but also friends.

Both into the wireless, but also popular.

But Ng Man Tat popular,

Start indulging in wine and gambling,

So owed 300,000 yuan huge sums.

He was being pursued, can not get any money,

Had to find a friend Chow Yun Fat.

I do not know hair brother do not give a dollar,

Only said five words: "You solve it!"

Ng Man Tat angry teeth:

"I hate Chow Yun-Fat in my life."

At a time when Ng Manda was desperate,

He suddenly got a play.

This drama, not only helped him pay off the debt,

Also let him get the best supporting actress.

Presentation site, hair brother dexterous to him.

Ng Man Tat turned around, ignored.

Afterwards, Ng Man Tat invited the director to eat:

"Thank you for helping me out of the woods."

The director said: "You should be grateful to be fat brother."

It turned out that the hair brother recommended to the director Ng Man Tat.

Fat brother on the director said:

"If I give him 300,000,

He still lose light in the casino,

Or drink drunk in the nightclub. "

This is the real friendship. </ strong>

"He criticized you face to face, but hello at the back. </ strong>

He never flattering, but often get it. "</ Strong>

Fat sister birthday every year, Fat Columbia will create surprises

In 1986, fat brother and Chen Hui Lian married.

At the wedding, Chen Hui Lian said emotionally:

"God has given me the best present in this life

Just let me be Chow Yun Fat's wife. "

Encounter hair brother, she really made big.

Once married, fat brother turned over financial power.

Leaving only 800 pocket money per month,

All the remaining fees paid in full.

Fat brother is very concerned about the feelings,

Fat sister like to eat crabs,

So long as the crab a market,

Fat brother will buy crab boiled crab.

30 years of marriage, hair every birthday,

Will receive hair brother carefully prepared gift.

He hid the gift and asked me to find it.

Every time I found a gift, I was surprised. "

Do you know why fat brother has no children?

In fact, the second year after marriage, pregnant wife pregnant pregnant.

Brother can be prepared to wear baby clothes,

A tragedy happened:

"More than seven months of fetus,

As the umbilical cord around the neck suffocation unfortunately died. "

Loss of children's hair sister,

Live all day in self-blame and grief.

Spent 7 years, the wife only come out from the grief.

In order to avoid the pain and unpredictability of his wife's further production,

Fat brother made a decision: no longer have children.

Later, people often asked Fat Brother:

"Do not be sorry, do not want children?"

Hair brother always look indifferently said:

"No regret, both of us have enough happiness, the other I do not luxury."

A lot of celebrities a rich,

Go out to find a woman looking for fun.

But fat brother married 31 years ago,

Never had a gossip,

Even entertainment are too lazy to edit his peach news,

Because no one can believe it.

Someone asked Fat Brother: "What do you think is love?"

He said: "Thanksgiving and companionship." </ strong>

"Shanghai beach" stills

"God of Gamblers" stills

Someone asked fat brother:

"You are so rich, why do you keep making movies?"

"Do not make a movie, just donate for later?"

Fat hair laughed and said:

"I did not shoot to make money,

Not for the pursuit of fame,

I just like it. "

Why do many people live a lifetime are not happy it,

I think hair made particularly good:

"Is not found what you like to do.

People's ability to size, </ strong>

But one thing is common, </ strong>

It's just one person who has found what he likes to do, </ strong>

Will only be interesting and enjoyable. "</ Strong>

When not making a movie,

Fat brother like carrying a camera wandering around.

He likes photography.

If the movie is his career,

Then photography is his hobby.

Both are indispensable.

A person to see the King,

A person to take pictures,

A person back squat in the dark room to take pictures.

"I really enjoyed the process."

In 1997, Hong Kong returned to China.

Fat Columbia's sister took his three photos,

A pseudonym to enter the competition,

Did not expect actually got the photography award.

Fat brother like to take Hong Kong style,

Hong Kong well-known photographer Xia Yongkang said:

"The best people in Hong Kong to shoot scenery is Fat Brother."

However, brother felt good or bad shot is not important:

"I like to enjoy that process."

See immersed in photography brother,

I remembered the sentence: People are addictive, they are boring. </ strong>

People are addicted to live boredom.

People are addicted, kung fu spent on things in the hobby,

I forgot two things, not an expert, is wonderful.

Fat brother is a wonderful man.

Hill climbing fans encounter

In recent years, fat brother fell in love with climbing.

He will take a few days a week,

To climb the mountains of Hong Kong, large and small.

A climb, it is six hours.

Six months down, he lost 27 pounds.

Reporter Q: Why do you like mountain climbing?

Fat brother replied:

"My motto of life,

Is happy, happy and healthy,

But happy and happy,

All must be based on health.

Have a good body can enjoy a good life.

I used to make a lot of movie overdraft before,

Later, I gradually learned:

The biggest mistake in life, </ strong>

is to use health for something outside your body. </ strong>

So I'm going to make up now. "

People are alive and have three levels. </ strong>

The first level: alive. </ strong>

Is the pursuit of survival and food and clothing.

There are still some people living in China at this level.

Level 2: Decently alive. </ strong>

As the name suggests, is to be decent.

Others have a room, I have a room.

Others have a car, I have a car.

When someone is a director, I also want to be a director.

Is the pursuit of a certain "name rights"

In order to live as decent as others,

Or live more decent than others.

Most of us live at this level.

The third level: Live well. </ strong>

Clearly living alive is spiritual,

Just know who you are

Know what you really want inside,

So life is more complicated,

Cut off the extraneous things,

To pursue inner ease and abundance.

As the cartoonist Tsai Chih-tung put it, "" Each piece of wood can become a Buddha, just remove the extra parts. "</ Strong>

People live to the extreme, must be vegetarian and Jane.

Fat brother lived to the third level.

He put extraneous things in life,

Have no hesitate to cut off,

Then live out a "prime and Jane":

Accompanied by a love my wife,

Focus on a favorite career,

Looking for a Yuexin's hobby,

Friends of a few friends like water,

Exercise a healthy body.

Happiness in life, </ strong>

Hiding in this simple plain. </ strong>