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The history of the strongest five Jeep car, feeling the moment the Wrangler was spike!

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More than once, I said that China has two premium car brands, Jeep is one of them. Hardcore, wild, free as if it is synonymous with. With the prevailing argument, called playing feelings.

It is precisely because Jeep is very "tell the story", since 1967, Jeep started his own festival of culture - Jeep Easter, in 2002, it is released every year on this Easter a series of wind and bombing concept car. Today we inventory, the history of the strongest five Jeep concept car.

Jeep Willys2

The concept car unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, although the concept car 17 years ago, but it has a very forward-looking. The concept car uses aluminum alloy frame and single carbon fiber materials, these things only used in racing and military field that year, but now it has been widely spread in civilian vehicles.

Willys2 uses a two-door frameless design, wheelbase up to 2413mm. Power, Jeep for the Willys2 equipped with a 1.6L supercharged engine, the maximum power of 160 horsepower, matching 4AT gearbox. Do not look at the power is not strong, this car weighs only 1.35 tons.

Jeep Gladiator

Although this is a 13-year-old concept car, but its design and cash Wrangler seems to be no different. Compared to other concept car, this pickup version of the Wrangler looks a bit "ordinary."

In fact, it does have nothing special other than an increase in wheelbase. Power, the use of 2.8T diesel engine. Although the Wrangler Pickup concept was introduced for many years, it has not yet been put into mass production. As a whole new generation of Wrangler is released, the pickup version is said to be faster.

Jeep Hurricane

It is likely that this will be the most mobile concept Jeep in the history of the car, Hurricane debut at the 2005 Detroit auto show, the use of carbon fiber body. But it is most notably the unique four-wheel steering system that allows it to move sideways like a crab (Mom no longer has to worry about side parking).

Even more crazy is that it actually plunged into two small 5.7L V8HEMI engine, coupled with a large off-road tires, that it can climb the wall is not an exaggeration.

Because of its unique design, Jeep encompasses a number of patents in the design of this concept car. But this car is still not mass production, its existence is just to make you think Jeep is cattle.

Jeep Mighty FC

Inspired by 2012's Jeep Mighty FC design, the 1957 Willis Forward Conteol FC-150 was inspired.

Built on the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the entire cockpit moves up and the wheelbase lengthens to create a ready-to-feel view of a cargo truck with a 2.43 meter box.

It uses the same gantry drive technology as Mercedes-Benz Unimog, with the hub and drive shaft higher than the center of the tire, resulting in a higher ground clearance. Power, it is consistent with the Wrangler, but with reference to its greater self-respect, the performance should be slightly worse.

Jeep Quicksand

Launched in 2017, the car is based on an extended version of the Wrangler chassis, with no B-pillar, fender and glass except the windshield. It uses a 6.4L displacement 8-cylinder engine, matching 6-speed manual gearbox. Before the 32-inch, 37-inch off-road tires, seemed wild full.

According to the designer, the car is designed for those who like to show the wild life style on the sand dunes. Of course, this car is not mass production, only enthusiasts since hey.