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One Piece 896 words, Louboutin devil suspected fruit awakening, has demonstrated this ability

Anime 2018-02-25 15:46:47 260

One Piece update up to now, the devil fruit awakening Although there is a relatively small capacity, but the awakening ability of each devil fruit are a field of strong, can access to the fruits of precious devil at the same time, and the devil's ability to cultivate fruit Awakening is really rare. However, in One Piece 896 words, Lu Fei's fruit suspected awakening?

Although up to now, there is still no requirement and training condition in the One Piece manga about the awakening of the devil's fruit, and it is one of the comic's least mentioned abilities. Apart from advancing several of the city's animal fruit abilities, the official appearances and the battle scenes There are only superfluous Department of Dauphine Ming brother and Kata Chestnut, but Kata Chestnut has yet to release the big trick on the devil's fruit.

Ota always likes to leave some small details in the comic or foreshadowing, users guess, in this remark, I also found an interesting place, that is, the injuries of Luffy. Before Luffy opened the fourth gear, Luffy was punctured by the Trident of Card II through the flank because of interference from other enemies, but the injury seemed to have been repaired after Luffy opened the fourth gear and enlarged himself.

In combination with the ability of the Flamenco line before the fruit, Luo prepared for a long time the big move pierced the heart of Ming brother, but Minggo use their own line of fruit and made a heart for their own temporary use.

When Ming Ge himself introduced the fruit's awakening ability, Ming Ge said: My abilities can influence or change the surrounding objects. In addition, as a special Superman card two capacity of the Department, after being attacked, like natural fruit will be the same as the elements of the disintegration and then repair.

One Piece 896 words, Luffy turned into fourth gear, the body enlarged, according to common sense wound should be enlarged, but the comics are like there is a thing in the road fly wounds, which should be the ability of the road fruit rubber one Kind of application it.