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Le Tour 丨 2018 Xi'an around the annual tourist guide Traveling freshly baked, and quickly go out

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Already spring,

Recently the weather in Xi'an is also warm and melting

The highest temperature today will reach 16 ℃

Spring is a wonderful season

See the flowers have to open

Xiaobian find for everyone this time

Xi'an around the flower ~

Where to spend the year to see flowers

This one is enough!

February </ strong>

Spring Flowers </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: Late February - early March

Location </ strong>: Ring City Park, north of the Qinling Mountains

As a "spring messenger" Spring Flowers

Blooming flowers early

Bright yellow touch of makeup point every corner of the ancient city

Tell the footsteps of spring ~


Flowering </ strong>: end of February - mid-March (shorter flowering)

Location </ strong>: 8 km east of Ziwu Town, Chang'an District, Xi'an

South Wutai Scenic Area

Yamagata pull the cliff, the scenery is extremely beautiful

Amitabha Temple has two ancient red magnolia

There are thousands of years of history

Every flower

Magnolia blooms like winter snowy branches

Give a pure white clean beauty ~

March </ strong>

Rape </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: early March - mid-April

Location: </ strong> Hanzhong near Nanzheng, State Road 316 Hanyin - Ankang Moon River Road

Hanzhong's famous rape field has long been known

Every March

Rape flowers sea is a beautiful landscape in Hanzhong

Hanzhong rape even been rated

China's most beautiful rapeseed sea </ strong>

However, if too many people are too crowded

To Hanyin is also a good choice Oh ~


Flowering </ strong>: end of February - mid-March

Location </ strong>: Cherry Creek Ditch in Xixiang County

Used to seeing the cherry blossom

Have you seen million mu of cherry blossom?

Xixi County, the largest cherry in the northwest of Hong mu cherry ditch

Cherry more than 3600 tons annual output

Cherry blossoms bloom every year

Cherry grove about ten kilometers

Magnificent Cherry blossoms in full bloom spectacular beauty

Also attracted tourists all over ~

April </ strong>

Cherry </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: End of March - Late April

Location </ strong>: Ironforge Village North Le Tour Highland, Yan Xiang Road and Qinglong Road Cross southwest corner

Dragon Temple is about 3 kilometers away from downtown Xi'an

Is a prestigious temple

Dragon Temple in the cherry

In fact, the Dragon Temple itself has nothing to do

It was imported from Japan in 1986

More than a thousand strains of cherry trees planted into

Every year in April and April

Cherry blossoms, spring garden

If you look tired of Sakura Road, National Chiao Tung University

Come here to enjoy the flowers is also a good choice Oh ~

Bauhinia </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: Late March - Late April

Location </ strong>: Taipingyu, Huxian County

When it comes to "Bauhinia"

Many people think of Hong Kong

Always think that flower is only available in the South

But I do not know in our Shaanxi Huxian Taipingxi West Temple ditch

You can see the mu bauhinia sea

April each year

Huxian Taiping Forest Park will be held Bauhinia Festival

Flows like a flood, the whole mountain gave the red

Gorgeous as luxuriant, very spectacular and beautiful ~

Peach </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: end of March - mid-April

Location </ strong>: Chang'an Qu Fanchuan Taoxi Fort

Here is the "peach blossom" story happened

Taoxi Fort

Located in the heart of Chang'an District Fanchuan in Xi'an

Chang'an City, more than ten kilometers away from the city

Beautiful scenery, rich sweet peaches

Here is a good place for tours of the spring

Chang'an Road now become a tourist attraction

And there are many movies are here, viewfinder Oh ~

May </ strong>

Peony </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: Early April - late May

Location </ strong>: Abuquan Village, Shijing Township, Hu County

Peony to enjoy

Xiaobian recommended Ishimura Hiraizumi Huxian

Aberdeen Spring Peony Court

Peony varieties, large-scale

Court of dozens of strains of a century of age

Peony King has become a big spectacle

it's here

Not only enjoy the Kao Peony, enjoy the farm meals

Can also participate in riddles quiz

Peony essay contest and other activities

Feel the peony culture inherited in our country for thousands of years ~


Flowering </ strong>: April-May

Location </ strong>: At the foot of Zhongnanshan, Qinfeng Village, Yingpan Town, Zhashui County

Zhongnanshan this title has been there since ancient times

Even earlier than Qinling

Zhongnanshan azaleas

Is a highlight of the flowers during the ~

Climb Qinling meadow

Ascension, look at the mu cuckoo

Relax, repose, eat picnic

You can enjoy the charm of viewing azaleas!

June </ strong>

Rose </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: May-June

Location </ strong>: Chang'an Campus, Shaanxi Normal University

"Not shaken incense chaos, no wind flower fly"

Shaanxi Normal University Campus Rose Avenue

Located near Kunming Lake Road Graduate School

Splendid bloom of roses

Unscrupulous covered the entire wall

Dotted with the campus every spring and early summer

People can inadvertently encounter a bundle of romance ~

Location </ strong>: Yanta District Electronics Four Road 205 District

A large rose wall stretches hundreds of meters


The scenery of the entire road instantly literary up

Rose flower flowering is generally only about 20 days

If you have time

May wish to Xi'an, the most beautiful flower wall wall tour

Location </ strong>: Qujiang South Third Ring Road

Qujiang New Area, many places

Roadside are blooming roses

Qujiang South Third Ring Road

There are also five hundred or six hundred meters long rose wall

Summer art about to shoot must go!

July </ strong>

Lotus </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: June-July

Location </ strong>: Lianhu Park, No. 18 Lianhu Road, Xi'an

Lianhu Park built in

Chang'an City in the Tang Dynasty "Chengtianmen" ruins

Zhu Yuanzhang's second son Zhu Ming

Wide variety of lotus here, hence the name "Lotus Pond"

After the park into a "Lotus Lake Park"

Park area of ​​60,000 square meters

Water accounts for one third of the park area

A passage splits the lake in half

North Lake planted lotus

Nanhu piece boat rippling in the lake

So that visitors enjoy the beauty of landscapes

Location </ strong>: Fengqing Park, No. 6, Taoyuan South Road

Fengqing Park, formerly known as the western suburbs Park

It is 2002

In the former site of the old airport in Xi'an rebuilt

The building is a modern ecological landscape

Royal garden with historical and cultural landscape

Tang imitation of architecture as its main style

The whole park, including Mei Zhu Mexican incense, Xiang Lake invitation

Pines and other emerald Tsui 9 scenic spots

Location </ strong>: Guangren Temple, located in the northwest corner of Xi'an Ming City Wall

Guangren Temple in Xi'an

Blossoming space lotus competing open

More than 200 pots of lotus

After the space parade

Bred from seeds

Flowering long, bright color

Has a very high ornamental value

These are snow lotus blooms in dry land

With her noble breath

Attract these four guests come to worship

August </ strong>

Lavender </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: July-August

Location </ strong>: East lavender field in the western suburbs of Xi'an

More than 40 acres of lavender gives a strong visual shock

White fluid piano

Red and other elements of the same butterfly

To the park to add a lot of romantic feeling

In addition to lavender here

There are large roses, sunflowers and other beauty oh ~

Location </ strong>: Longquan Ecological Park, Wutai Street, Chang'an District

Few people here know, the scenery is super beautiful ~

Take advantage of flowers, the whole family can mobilize!

A cluster of purple quietly open at the foot of the mountain

Sometimes surging

A large lavender swayed in the wind

Blue sky and white clouds, the time leisurely

Location </ strong>: Aromatic Park, West 6, Qinhan Avenue, Xixian District

This is really a big area!

A full 5000 acres!

How to play on how to play

How to shoot on how to shoot!

Depth of the flowers, hidden in the old locomotive

Add some European landscapes

Very suitable for small lovers to play ~

September </ strong>

Osmanthus </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: September - early October

Location </ strong>: Daming Palace, Xincheng District, Xi'an

Located in the first original Daming Palace

Large area, beautiful environment

Sunny day with a few newspapers or cushion

Sitting on the ground in the park

Slightly sweet-scented osmanthus in the air

Floating from time to time

Meditate to enjoy the flowers

Is also good to relax ~

Location </ strong>: Textile Park, 191 Spun West Street, Baqiao District, Xi'an

Osmanthus is one of the characteristic species of textile park

Park potted osmanthus and land planted Osmanthus

Textile park potted osmanthus

So far, more than 30 years of cultivation history

One of Dan Gui up to 6 - 7 meters

North rare

From the 90s to the beginning of the 20th century, osmanthus exhibition was held continuously

Visitors visit an endless stream ~

October </ strong>

Gesang Hua </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: End of September - October

Location </ strong>: Lantian Yushanhe East Village

50 acres of Gesang Hua

Red and white dominated

Blooming in Yushan

Blue sky and white mountains

Spectacular ~

Location </ strong>: Dongtong Scenic Area

The western suburbs of the first large-scale waterfront ecological park

Gesang Hua area is not big ~

If it's a weekend or evening walk

not bad

Location: </ strong> Chang'an District Space City South Yanta South Space City Lan Yue Court

Do not want the surrounding environment beautiful

Especially the piece of flowers

Pink, white purple Gesang Hua

And large yellow orange marigolds

Together into a flower of the ocean

Just do not be too beautiful ~

Chrysanthemum </ strong>

Flowering </ strong>: September - November

Location </ strong>: Xi'an Expo

Autumn in October

Daisy has become the protagonist of the world garden flowers

More than 240 varieties, nearly 600,000 strains of chrysanthemum

Among them alone 30,000 strains of chrysanthemum

Varieties of chrysanthemum 70,000

Ground and chrysanthemum related to herbaceous flowers 500000

November </ strong>

Ginkgo </ strong>

Location </ strong>: Ancient Nanshan Ancient Guanyin Temple Tang Taizong hand-built Millennium ginkgo tree

Ancient Guanyin Temple in the Millennium Ginkgo tree

According to legend, Taizong personally planted

It has been more than 1400 years ago

Every autumn comes

Ginkgo biloba large tracts of falling on the ground

It has flourished since ancient times

Ancient Guanyin Temple also became known to the world

Location </ strong>: Hanyang Linggonglin, Zhengyang Town, Weicheng District, Xianyang City

Hanyang Ling planted a hundred acres, more than ten strains of ginkgo trees

After years of growth

Has formed a certain scale

Especially in the fall

Ginkgo leaves falling

Looked at the garden is full of gold color ~

Location </ strong>: Yanta Datang Ci'en Temple Site Park

Datang Ci'en Temple Site Park

It is located on the site of Da Ci'en Temple in the Tang Dynasty

Park has hundreds of ginkgo trees ~

Golden ginkgo leaves in the warm sunshine

Floating in the park

Slowly pile up, even into a film

Maple </ strong>

Location </ strong>: Cuihuashan, Qinling

Autumn, go to Cuihuashan play

Mangshan leaves reward, picking golden persimmons ~

Qinling fall

It is more like a three-dimensional landscape painting

Autumn, Qinling is the most beautiful season ~

It's best to enjoy the leaves!

Location </ strong>: Lingguxia Gorge, Shishi Town, Fengxian County, Baoji City

Ling gorge is the first gorge Jialing River

Qifeng scenic spots spread across the area

Stream springs gurgling flowing

Early autumn Ling Gorge colorful

The green mountains with a piece of golden ~

Mountains and mountains, maple crimson

December </ strong>

Goose feather snowflakes float to

From January to December, the snowflakes arrive on schedule

Someone always said

"A bit of snow, Xi'an has become Changan"

Although later did not feel stunning

But every time falling snow

Or will it be beautiful Changan City

When the goose feather swirling snow

Still could not help but stop, take pictures

City Wall </ strong>

Tang Paradise </ strong>


Spring flowers

The feeling of recovery is very good ~

Whether you want to be close to nature

Or the whole family mobilization

Are a good choice!

Source: Xi'an Tourism Development Commission

Edit: Li Xiaotian | Review: Jingxi