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Playing mahjong win tips, mahjong skills to play very easy

News 2018-02-25 12:01:21 4

Playing mahjong skills do not play poker. Fought cooked cards, do not give birth to the first card to go out. Mahjong table mentality to balance. Whether it is out of the winds or the winds, you have to look at it with a clear mind and a good strategy. You should follow the three mahjong games and not only take care of your own cards but also pay attention to the other three cards. Take care of it lightly. If you do not have the hope of playing card, then you should play a small card and avoid the big card.

Under normal circumstances, this deck should play four tubes, listen to five or eight tube. In the case of someone who touched the octave, there were already three cases in the sea. He should hit a seven-cylinder and listen to someone's easy-to-insert five-cylinder. Because most card players think it is perfectly justifiable to stay two Get started with the 14 cards), will never give up listening to listen to choose embedded Zhang. If you change the above example, so that the remaining five cards for a 40,000, two 50,000 and a 60,000, there is a more easy to catch the card. At this point is to choose to catch fifty thousand? Or fishing Another that easy to catch? The surface seems to catch fifty thousand less to listen to a card, not desirable. But leaving fifty thousand will make cards have the advantage of great change. Touching a 30,000, can be called to listen to two, fifty thousand, but also listen to three, sixty thousand; touch a seventy thousand, can change to listen to five or eight million, you can change to listen to four or seven million. Therefore, each has its advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to the specific circumstances.

For example, except the three cards (engraved or bar), the remaining four cards are two cards of 40,000, a four-set and a six-set. Through several rounds of playing cards, determine the five tubes may be engraved or paired. Thus, when another family plays or feels 40,000, it should act decisively and change the four-barrel or six-barrel to single fishing by touching or leaving 40,000. The last principle is not to let the other and the front, that is, before themselves and the card. If you want to play a card, hit someone else will certainly and. Well, you should leave this card to change the way to fight the first card.

From the listening point of view, sometimes not as good as the open bar bar. For example, there are three cards in five hands, at which point a single draw has been made. If you do not open the bar and touch the cards, if you touch the six, and four, seven, six, if you touch into a four, and three, four, six, even if the touch into three or seven, but also Change to listen to three or four or six, seven, than the single-fishing and licensing high.

Did you notice the open bar when you touched a card the same as the one you hit? This of course depends on the situation. If someone listens to Zhang to hear the fourth chance, as long as you open a bar, others can grab and (that is, grab bar). Only estimated to be fully safe, then open the bar, otherwise it is best to stay in the hands, waiting in the wings.

If the hand on the card after listening and touch on the cards and the irreconcilable, the opportunity to open the bar can not let go. Open the bar at this time more opportunities to Mo cards. If you can bar blooming, but also get an unexpected gain.

Make your own dark card to your home and not to open the bar so you can protect your license plate machine without revealing your own brand name and keeping the other two in need of this card to reduce your threat.

Play mahjong games, not only can easily be recreational, you can also experience the profound and profound national essence. Mahjong rules allow the range, by playing mahjong skills to defeat each other.