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@ Camera control, I heard that before going to this place to empty the phone memory?

Tourism 2018-02-25 11:28:40 7

Unexpected annual leave "咻" soon passed! If you feel that you have not played enough, then this place can not miss it!

Xiao Bian to recommend today is an outdoor photo of the Holy Land, full of green screen, casually a friend can play around the circle ~

Early spring scenery quietly come here, Yunzun leakage genial light and shadow, the beautiful scenery to catch the green, just like a paradise-like existence.

If you just look at the picture that is ordinary cabbage, then you are wrong oh! This is Aerospace Fukuda mind. </ strong> Much higher than ordinary cabbage!

Strawberry Benefits / </ strong>

Fragrant strawberry is always let people unable to stop, picking control hurry up about it! February strawberries began to mature it! Picking garden filled with attractive fragrance everywhere, just smell are mouth-watering. Heart-shaped strawberry fruit, flashing soft light, bright red flesh, eat more mouth sore.

Strawberry as a fruit industry, the value of the bear, no matter where it appears, can bring back the taste buds beat. Just picked strawberries not only fresh + sour and sweet, the point is! ! ! </ strong>

Do not lose the "raspberry" a good time, warmth and happiness with family, and TA romantic sweet, and friends relaxed ...

/ guava (red guava) / </ strong>

Whenever I see a fresh fruit market in the supermarket, there is always a heart ready to move, temptation to drive me to the release of nature and mind. This does not, like strawberry and guava do not miss slightly!

February vegetables are also scrambling to mature, where you can also pick the horns Niujiao, aerospace tomato, aerospace round eggplant, eggplant. I heard that aerospace varieties of vegetables more nutrition Oh!

And so on ~ Xiaobian there is an important thing did not announce ~ this is the tourist destination

National Class AAA Scenic Spot Aerospace Agriculture Demonstration Base </ strong>