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Boulder Johnson admitted the "speed and passion" infighting, exposure "seal 1 year" reason!

Entertainment 2017-12-03 13:48:50 20

Hollywood actor Boulders Johnson film production is rich, just in 2017 there are "speed and passion 8", "beach rescue team", "brave game: decisive jungle" and other works released, the recent interview also rare to talk about and "Speed ​​and passion" actor disputes, he stressed that he will not get himself into the mud, it never responded to the incident.

Boulder Johnson followed by "Speed ​​and Passion," which he described as "challenging" and "very ambitious" for his role as "Speed ​​and Passion" to develop independently. "When When I joined the team, I wanted to have fun and create a character that everyone enjoyed. Even the evolution of this series was even in the process. In such a long series of movies, we should take some The characters are taken out separately and narrate their story. "

Johnson, who joined at "Speed ​​5," was inevitably asked if he had anything in common with the team's nephew, such as Van Diesel, who had just been resentful of Tyrese, saying only He does not want to get himself into some controversy when he makes good films for the fans and does not want to be dragged into these muddy water. This happens when filming a series of films. "I will never respond to those things."

Before the release of "Super 8", it was reported that Darth Vader and Fan Desel were rumored to have intensified. Afterwards, both sides frequently showed good news but were also considered as speculation by netizens. As a result, Tyres published an article in October that he was "ruined" This family ", to" speed and passion "cast a shadow over, but he has not responded to the incident.

Hope "speed" series do not end, after all, this movie recalls too many young people!

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