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"Rice birth" restaurant: Let urban people close to enjoy the nature and food

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We live in the city every day looking at the tall buildings, gray sky, daily walking, busy hurry, time after day after day, almost forget the natural flavor and atmosphere of life. However, some people are so creative, open a rice paddy restaurant in the reinforced concrete city, or choose to set up a table under the rural rice fields, combined with China's farming culture, rice culture, rice fields as the main landscape, Tian Lu, Paddy dining restaurant with beautiful views is full of creativity, so that urbanites can enjoy nature and food in close quarters, and they can temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax their moods.

Soft space in the city center </ strong>

Paddy's Paddy Restaurant </ strong>

In the center of the city of Chuxiong in Yunnan Province, there is a paradise, which is a soft space that is close to nature and enjoys a slow life.

Rice Health a restaurant is Chuxiong's first garden-style food arts park. In summer, where green waves ripples, rice fragrance, frogs everywhere; autumn, where the golden rice fields, rice in the wind singing shallow whisper, scarecrows began to "grow."

Rice Health a restaurant not far from the Red dust, very close to nature, it is located in the town of Chuxiong Lucheng Orchard Road, the site for the small camp camp food reserves, the restaurant was surrounded by several tall buildings, along the winding stone road shop, A large golden wheat fields greeted the blowing smell of the earth swept through the city complex fatigue, slippery old cottage and twenty-three three-storey red brick house, randomly spotted with Dai Qing paint, coupled with golden rice fields, Enclosed the countryside of the town.

Not only the location of the address is good, the owner will also take the name. The name of the restaurant is taken from the homonym of "Tao Shengyi" (Lifetime II, Second Life III and Third Life Life) in "Tao Te Ching". Taking the site grain warehouse as its creative background and combining with China Of the farming culture, rice culture, rice field as the main landscape art space.

Rice Health a restaurant crowded with gravel on the ground, a symbol of a grain of rice, to remind people to cherish food, dining room to the beginning of spring, autumn, Mount, Guyu 24 solar terms, farming culture reflects the four seasons reincarnation, dry water calm water design Throughout a trace of Zen, special exhibition hall, regular photo exhibitions, calligraphy and painting exhibition, full of book gas, so that guests enjoy the delicious at the same time be visually satisfied.

According to the Chuxiong restaurant seasons a quarter of rice, seeding in mid-April each year, the green rice flourish, fish in the fields rampant, frogs, taste just caught the pot before cooking Guahua, you have to lament this An ecological food to be a golden paddy, sunset, sitting in the corner of the rice fields to drink, this stunning beauty is your best "appetizer" in mid-October rice harvest, rice straw into a scarecrow stands in the field, after dinner Step into the fields to plow rice piles and tie the grass to regain childhood memory.

Xu Mei is the owner of a restaurant in Ilseo. She hopes to pass on a living condition through Ilseo. She wants to stop the city people from stopping for a moment, rest and feel nature and return to the most authentic life.

Therefore, a rice dish is not only a dish of Yunnan cuisine, but also a combination of Cantonese cuisine, Anhui cuisine, Huaiyang dishes, dishes rich, regular innovation, Guhua fish, beggar, Shanzhen dumplings, soy sauce bibimbap, a pot of incense Is the taste of graceful good product.

As for the future blueprint for the birth of Rice One, Xu Mei is full of confidence. The birth of Rice One will not only be a theme restaurant, but will be devoted to creating a service platform with a dozen of rice births and possesses the functions of cultural exchange, socialization and publicity.

Appears in Xu Mei, a rice is a restaurant is a special product Chuxiong famous selling platform, they send their products every day throughout the country, so that we can eat pure taste of Chuxiong.

Rice livelihood did bachelorette parties, the Tanabata party, cheongsam party, outdoor wedding, but also regularly carry out calligraphy and painting exhibition, sculpture exhibition, the store also sells Chuxiong winter, fungus oil, sweet orange and other specialty products.

The use of agricultural scene to seize the people who aspire to the beauty of the food more than a Xu Mei.

Escape the noise and nature. </ strong>

Dining table in the paddy field </ strong>

In Nan'ao Township, Yilan County, Taiwan, there is a feast in the rice fields that allows urbanites to enjoy nature and food at close range and to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city to relax.

The table in the paddy field is a rural action drama, a micro-revolution in food, and a reorganization of a person, food and land. Liao Chi-wen, the leader of the project, is a musician in the entertainment industry that goes out from the villages of Ilan County in Taiwan. Liao has been a band guitarist, has created many well-known advertising soundtracks and music, the album has even been nominated Golden Melody Awards.

Although Liao Chi-wen has been writing music circles for more than 20 years, he has always been very concerned about social issues. When he found out that Taiwan's rural areas have "no one", young people are reluctant to stay in rural areas and the value of labor in rural areas is no longer associated with them Attention, so Liao Zhiming determined to return to his hometown Ilan, with the action to pick up the beautiful countryside. His idea of ​​rejuvenating rural values ​​was echoed by the simple banner with many years of background in the financial industry and by artist Chen De-Ping, who set off a team of "Happy Fruit" in 2013.

Liao Chi-wen's "Table Plan in Rice Fields" invites people from all over the world to come to rural areas and provide local rural experiential activities at a rate of 2,100 yuan per person.

Experience activities start from midday to end of dinner. The content varies according to the location and season. Sometimes rice is cut in the rice fields, sometimes fresh grapes are harvested in the vineyards, sometimes in the tea plantations And learn how to knead the tea.

After each experiential activity, the happy fruit team will make delicious meals with the local produce that is freshly prepared, arrange the guests to enjoy in the rice fields, the tea plantations, the fishponds and even on the beach, and occasionally But also with the live music performance, so that the feast atmosphere reached the highest point. It seems that in the Liao Chih-wen, only the most direct actions are taken to understand the life in rural areas so that rural values ​​can be continuously conveyed.

Traditional agriculture has made meager profits through the cultivation and sale of agricultural products. However, the rapidly declining agricultural output has far exceeded our imagination. Partner Jane Chia-chi said that Taiwan's agricultural culture has been undervalued for a long time, so they must turn to the traditional agricultural profit model with a new business model.

"The Table Plan in the Rice Field" not only provides people with experience of rural areas, through in-depth experience courses so that they can learn about the disappearing agricultural technology, which in turn allows local peasants to take the opportunity to gain profits other than the basic output value while leveraging agricultural products Through the spread of people, sales to urban areas, sales to the consumer market.

Happy fruit team to leisure industry and rural areas combined to establish a new business model. The "Table Plan in the Rice Field" series has so far held over 200 events with ample attendance. Through the internet, they called on the crowds to bring together all kinds of young people in Taiwan who have imagined everything in rural areas. They continued to participate in the "table plan for rice fields" and served as a small helper. They not only learned how to curate, manage, Marketing, but also to understand small farmers around.

In the future, Happy Fruit will also plan to establish 20 strongholds throughout the province. Through more than 300 horizontal walk-in supporters of each other, and peasants' cooperation, we will look for a representative agricultural product in every county and county. Form a mutual aid union. Happy fruit not only encourages young people to return home, but also gives access to resources as well as financial assistance. It hopes that local farmers can establish their own "brand" and turn over the value of Taiwan's agriculture.

In the rice fields stepping on the mud to eat, toast under the vine to drink, swimming in the Miao Chi Turtle feet at the mouth, eat seafood meal ... ... This is how some of the scenarios? They boldly bring these ideas into real life. A good drama out of the rural action, a food micro-revolution!