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Fan Cheng Cheng seconds on the show changed face mad P expression package, with sister on the hot search power praise!

Entertainment 2018-02-24 20:37:19 9

Since Fan Chengcheng participated in the program "idol trainee" broadcast, he on the heat of the frequency of a lot of frequent, although before the media and netizens did not hide his curiosity, but since Fan Chengcheng participated in the show, the masses They know more of his channels, and together Fan Shicheng's pro-Fan Bingbing also from time to time in their microblogging for the younger brother momentum, it is even more subject to the people's attention.

And two days before a Fan Shicheng teammates and Fan Bingbing actually bundled on the hot search, but in the comments below, even the all-inclusive Fan Chengcheng facial expression package, but also quite surprising, but later Xiaobian careful understanding After that, I knew that Fan Cheng-cheng was an integral part of this farce because we all know that Fan Cheng-cheng, who was originally a co-trainee with a brokerage company, appeared in the first episode.

So he is a member of the team, and then after a round of program knockout, their remaining dozens of members from different brokerage firms are feeling more and more together, saying that they are a large family nor So some people on the Internet called them brothers, and then Ouyang Jing and Wang Jiaer, as instructors, started to ask the remaining dozens of contestants about the actresses most wanting to cooperate with .

The first question was Cai Xu-kun, but Cai Xu-kun did not answer for the first time, and then the microphone turned to Zhu Zhengting. As a result, Zhu Zhengting answered the name of Fan Bingbing without hesitation and then the scene was a loud noise. Because we all know, Fan Chengcheng and Fan Bingbing is the pro-sibling relationship, originally Fan Cheng-cheng is also a look noisy big show, the result after listening to Zhu Zhengting's answer, Fan Chengcheng seconds to change face, before the second is still large Laughter, after a second look serious, before and after this facial expression reaction is captured by the program shot is very clear.

And then broadcast the program, Fan Cheng-cheng, this moment of response was a lot of friends screenshots down into the expression package, the result of this little animation after the fire did not take long, Fan Bingbing microblogging on the hair, although there is no direct Aite brother micro Bo account, but it is clear that you can see Fan Bingbing is also very enjoyable state, but also follow the last Fan Cheng Cheng microblogging hot search when the stem.

Think of such a good sister can be, Fan Cheng-cheng should also be very happy, and although sometimes the pressure is double the same age, but the pressure can be properly transformed into a kind of power yo, and look forward to Fan Cheng-cheng later on stage There are more exciting performance.