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Smart home balcony equipped with this anti-theft network, after reading, I want to hit home reinstall!

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Smart home balcony equipped with this anti-theft network, after reading, I want to hit home reinstall!

After we've renovated the house, most people begin to think about security, especially when it comes to buying and installing security networks. Xiaobian following teach you some ways to easily solve the problem of buying and installing security network.

Xiao Bian to their own anti-theft network as an example to tell you how to choose anti-theft network. Xiaobian home ten floors of high-rise, so do not need to worry about the thief burglary from the window into the room problem. But Xiao Bian family has a three-year-old child, in order to ensure safety, family members or discuss the installation of anti-theft network. However, if the installation of ordinary anti-theft network, it will affect the lighting effects of windows, not beautiful, giving a very repressed feeling.

So Xiaobian friends gave Xiaobian recommended a security window, which is completely different from the ordinary security window, the following to listen to Xiaobian one by one for everyone to answer. The common anti-theft window on the market is a grid type, that is, most households choose to install the type, this anti-theft window, although his safety is relatively high, protective is relatively high, but very much affect the lighting at home and give A very depressing feeling.

Although cheap, can bring the most simple and effective security protection, but it is not practical. At the same time this traditional anti-theft window, many believe feng shui, others will not choose to install. The Xiaobian home installation of this security window, neither affect the lighting, but also does not affect the appearance. This burglar window is called invisible security window. This window is characterized by a very large number of fine wire, far looks like some silk. The high-rise tenant offers a very good choice.

Because it can not only ensure the safety, but also does not affect people's feelings. Invisible anti-theft window on the market price will not be expensive, and now more and more living in high-level home with children will choose this invisible anti-theft window for children to provide a safe protection.

In addition there is a third window, I have to give you a detailed introduction. This anti-theft window appearance is very beautiful, and the traditional anti-theft window is different, this anti-theft window is indoors, modeling is also very strange, both to increase the appearance, but also to provide basic security for tenants. This anti-theft window manufacturing material is Caigang, because of the unique advantages of Caigang, making this anti-theft window in the sun can be colorful, from a distance, very beautiful, it is recommended that some beauty who choose this anti-theft Window, the market price will be relatively high.

The above is a small series for everyone recommended three security windows, we can choose according to their own needs.