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Mao Xiaotong and Masi Chun is the same age girls, who do you like dress style?

Entertainment 2018-02-24 18:34:31 8

Some people say the same age people in general character, what the values ​​should be about the same, in fact not the case, you like Mao Xiaotong and Masi Chun is the same age girls, but the clothing is not the same, their style of dress you like Who?

Masi pure because of good talent, was born is not bad, has been in a variety of aura, early in the entertainment market to prove his position, so her temperament is the kind of carrying self-proclaimed feeling, which reflects the clothing Product, like wearing a white suit, very noble look.

Masi pure on weekdays are basically such a style, no matter what the occasion will not be afraid, the clothes are to go strong and handsome suit suits, anyway, red, black, white are wearing, people feel very strong.

Therefore, her character Ye Hao, wearing Ye Hao, not the kind of petty princess who needs care, but full of handsome handsome kind of beauty, and now many girls like this style, do not like to wear skirts, Like to wear leather and leather pants.

The same is the same 88-year-old Mao Xiaotong is not the same, sweet and cute, weird, wearing style is now like this, pink, girls heart-based wear, looking at this lovely double-eyed big eyes, It.

In contrast, Mao Xiaotong is consistent with the majority of girls in the heart of the look, after wearing this skirt cents fairy tale, as well as dignified and elegant when attending the event, if a boy with her, will Very happy.

Mao Xiaotong has an angel-like temperament, especially pure and fresh, just as she was wearing this white dress at this moment of the moment, people will impress her impressively, simple girls are always so much like.

You think handsome Masi Chun and cute Mao Xiaotong, these two styles of dress which do you like?