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Tiggo 7 go bad road chassis "creak" abnormal sound the ultimate approach

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Some Chery TIGER 7 owners, in the course of their daily driving may encounter such a situation: a hit bad road, the site will feel the "squeak ...." abnormal sound, call 400 or 4S , It is possible to say that it is the sound from the vibration-damping work.

However, an ID called se Tiger tiger 7 owners, but according to their own friends and repairer's experience, it may be judged only [balance rod rubber sleeve (opening glue) because of the friction noise], as long as this problem can be solved, which Abnormal sound problems will be solved.

In fact, a lot of similar problems (joint ventures, domestic autonomy car) cars are present, is a common problem, after all, that position itself is active, after a long time the friction gap increases the abnormal sound came.

Without further ado, here is the post content of the riders:

seyond </ strong>: I hot tiger 7 bad road, the chassis will be "creak" ring, like a sedan chair, do not go bad road did not. Has been dragged not dealt with. Today to 4s two security, response to this problem, 4s said chassis screws loose, to a tight look, let me observe again. Back to the bad road Tried a moment, still sedan chair. Well, do it yourself.
</ p>

Get home to buy the mysterious thing online, directly to the basin Friends auto repair shop. Basin friends drive my car to determine the problem and I judge the same: balance rod rubber sleeve (opening glue) abnormal sound. The balance bar will make friction with the rubber cover when it rotates inside the rubber cover. Well, open. I chat with the pot friends in the process. He said that in fact a lot of cars have this problem, regardless of joint-stock domestic. </ p>

Well, my heart a little comfort. Baidu, and sure enough, all kinds of cars have this problem. Please go to Baidu to see. </ p>

The balance bar on the left of the rubber sleeve, ask why you Wuling Pope Friends of the light did not have this problem, he said Wuling light balance bar is very thin, small contact area with the rubber sleeve, tiger 7 thick, large contact area easy to abnormal sound. </ p>

On the right, take down the two side bushing screws, one side of the two screws, very simple, that is, small space, not good start, bushing used, the rubber sleeve is open, well take. </ p>

This is the strut of the strut that has been removed. Bushing and glue also prove that there is friction, friction may be abnormal sound. </ p>

Balance rod rubber sleeve, grinding hair? Only three months the car to fluff? Originally wanted to engage in butter up, my friend said can only manage a week, dry butter, the sleeve will be easily broken. Many cars have a layer of Teflon inside the rubber sleeve fabric, is to prevent abnormal sound. I remembered this lint is the original fabric layer. </ p>

Friends are helping me get there. This position is not good to get up, the two rubber sleeve engage in almost an hour, to the balance bar to bind vinyl fluoride film → re-bushing → re-bushing </ strong>. It's fine Stabilizer bar in the uneven road will be in the rubber sleeve rotation, the greater the fluctuations in the more rotation, iron and rubber friction, the sound of the. </ p>

Balance bar anti-noise artifact! Bring a little in the rubber sleeve. Did not add a drop of butter, did not change anything. Friends say that this party will never ring again. This film is called Teflon film, Ma home sales, a few dollars a meter, one or two meters is enough, PTFE self-lubricating. </ p>

Finished, the test abnormal sound gone, and back to the feeling of tension, like a virgin ^ ___ ^. Balance bar working principle Please everyone Baidu, because of the balance bar abnormal sound, what the car may appear, please do not belittle yourself. Tire up and down the greater the greater the balance bar thicker, the more easily anomalies. Butter can not solve the fundamental problem, can not add as much as possible. </ p>

Of course, add butter for some time. If the balance bar lever pull the amount of both sides, there will be a chassis, "boom" sound. Will be very obvious, will feel something in the beating chassis, the direction of death to the side, you can see the rod, to check for damage. </ p>

See this post, I specifically went to Taobao a bit.

This is the stuff, the price is very cheap. Look at the introduction of this stuff.

A riders ID is love to repair 2012 </ strong> added: Teflon film which packs butter, Paul you use rubber sleeve rotten will not ring!

Is a good suggestion, we may wish to press the two riders said, do it yourself or find a repair shop to try, no technical content, but it can solve big problems.

Tad of Wo original article, like the attention of the next tap, hard code word motivation to see that after the hand turned red joy.