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PyeongChang Winter Olympics closing on the 25th "Beijing 8 minutes" debut countdown

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Legal Evening News, 2018-02-2412: 28: 34

View News · Legal Evening News (Reporter Wang Fan) Beijing Time On the evening of February 25, the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games will be held at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium. The 17-day event is about to end soon.

In the opening ceremony of this Winter Olympics, some pictures are destined to remain in the hearts of people for a long time, so the closing ceremony tomorrow night is also worth the wait, especially the upcoming "Beijing 8 minutes." Each session of the Olympic Games closing ceremony, there will be a link is the venue for the next Olympic Games show, about 8 minutes. The host country handed over the banner of the Olympic Games to the delegate of the next host country and slowly extinguished the flame. With the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games coming to a close, "2022 Beijing - Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics," the time is coming.

Tomorrow night, "8 Minutes in Beijing" will shine in Pyeongchang. The general director Zhang Yimou and his huge team have already arrived in Pyeongchang. All the harsh grinding and hard rehearsals will be finalized on the tenth day of the New Year.


"Beijing 8 minutes" preparations for the preparation of low-temperature winds

It is understood that the closing ceremony of the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics will consist of 4 performance groups and will present the harmony of harmony and harmony seeking common ground while reserving differences with modern art with Korean characteristics. The athletes, volunteers and audience will gather together. By then, "Beijing 8 minutes" will unveil the mystery.

According to the weather forecast, the lowest temperature in Pyeongchang on the day of the closing ceremony was minus 3 degrees. The Organizing Committee will distribute windbreaker, cushion, warm hands and feet, and other warm and cold protection items on site. However, such a low temperature for the "Beijing 8 minutes" team, it is forced to focus on overcoming difficulties. Zhang Yimou had previously said that I hope the closing ceremony should not be too cold and the wind should not be too big.

Since this time it was not "home grown", Zhang Yimou and his team brought all the equipment needed for the show, including even screws. In order to cope with uncontrollable factors - weather (low temperature, high winds) may cause interference, the performance of the equipment has done all the wind carry, carry the test to ensure the normal use of the closing ceremony, and strive to show a comparison Good effect.

More than 200 people, including director Zhang Yimou, creative team and actors, have arrived in Pyeongchang on the 17th. On the evening of arrival, they arrived at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium with technical teams arriving early. According to reports, the pre-technical team On the 11th of this month, it has arrived in Pyeongchang.

Before leaving for Pyeongchang, South Korea, the "Beijing 8-Minute" team has conducted a very strict rehearsal in the suburbs of Beijing and has arranged the rehearsal sites to simulate actual sites in a 1: 1 ratio in order to be more realistic.


Creative adaptation to the development of the times PyeongChang "Beijing 8 minutes" is different from 14 years ago

The director of "Beijing's 8-Minute" Zhang Yimou has a deep fate with the Olympic Games. Before and after 2001, he was responsible for the filming of Beijing's bid for the Olympic bid, the "Beijing 8 Minutes" at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games closing ceremony and the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, are led by him to complete the lead.

Tomorrow night will be Zhang Yimou's second guide showing "Beijing for eight minutes," but this is not "familiar" to him, but rather "the whole process is not easy." Put in the entire closing ceremony, eight minutes is not long, and in only eight minutes, you need to present and deliver a lot of content and information, and to achieve as "stunning" effect. Therefore, Zhang Yimou and his team had spent a lot of time in creative, he hopes to show eight minutes in Pyeongchang, new ideas, rather than the old one.

The "8 Minutes of Beijing" at the closing ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games was the first Chinese demonstration of the traditional Chinese culture through the stage of the Olympic Games, with elements of Chinese characteristics such as red lanterns and jasmine flowers. That exhibition 14 years ago was the first time that "Beijing 8 minutes" was shown on the Olympic stage. It is not easy to fully express China's historical civilization in 8 minutes.

This time of creation, you have a different starting point. Whether it is creative ideas, or performance techniques, will show a fresh feeling. It is learned that tomorrow's "8-minute Beijing" will use the combination of modern scientific methods and artistic techniques to express the theme of "the Chinese people welcome friends from all over the world to Beijing together."


More technology will be integrated into "Beijing 8 minutes" ready

As general director, Zhang Yimou believes that China has successfully held the Olympic Games, China's history has also been presented on the stage of the Olympic Games, so this time he and his team will be more technology elements and more pure art content into "Beijing 8 minutes" in order to demonstrate the changes and developments in China today, thus expressing China's confidence and enthusiasm for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics.

It is understood that this "Beijing 8 minutes" will be extensive use of new technologies, including mobile device platform, etc., and the addition of these elements of science and technology will also become a major bright spot in the link tomorrow night. Zhang Yimou previously said in an interview that he hoped that the "8 Minutes of Beijing" at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics would "return more purely to specific programs" and pass the Chinese culture subtly.

The combination of technological means and traditional performances will also bring a fresh and refreshing feeling to this time of "Beijing's eight minutes." The specific content needs to be kept confidential and can not be disclosed until the formal closure of the ceremony, but there is no doubt that the new " Beijing 8 minutes "will be the creative team new ideas and creativity demonstrated most vividly.

Accordingly, the application of technology means and new technology also put forward higher requirements on equipment testing and maintenance. According to Zhang Yimou, this problem is sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, the team needs to be prepared in advance The weather, temperature, the unexpected situation may have to be taken into account, with a more rigorous attitude to "prepare for war."