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Negative emotions attack body organs?

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"Emotional changes have different effects on different organs." Experts point out that people have a variety of moods that are normal, but the long duration of certain emotions can affect health and even lead to some diseases.

Gastrointestinal tract is considered to be the most able to express emotions of the organs, psychological fluctuations can be unpredictable.

Recently, some media said more than 80% of people will attack their own organs and organs to digest their emotions. As everyone knows, emotions are the most basic human emotions. In fact, the mood is a barometer of health. A survey conducted in the United States found that 75% of cervical pain, 80% of headaches, 99% of abdominal distension and 90% of fatigue are caused by excessive emotion. Every organ in the human body And the corresponding emotions are closely related. Pleasant when the mood cheerful, tossing and turning when anxiety, angry angry, crying and crying when sad ... Bad emotions can lead to physical, psychological abnormal reactions, resulting in a series of physiological and psychological state of reaction.

Inner pain translates into physical pain </ strong>

Illness from the mouth, everyone knows, but the disease from the heart, but has been neglected by people.

World Health Organization pointed out: "Health is not only not sick and not weak, but also physical, psychological, social three aspects of the perfect state." Anxiety, depression, depression, anger, depression ... Strong and lasting negative emotions through the brain's message Integration and transmission, causing changes in neuroendocrine, leading to neurological disorders and abnormal hormones, and thus the body's various systems may have an impact.

"Emotional attack some serious body, but it will affect the health of people is true." Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine psychiatrist Jiangmeilin explained to reporters that since ancient times, Chinese medicine believes that "the unity of form and spirit," the people's mental activity away from Open form and exist alone, the body's health will be affected by mental activity.

Chinese ancient books on the emotional and visceral organs are described as follows: "anger the liver, hi sad, sad lung, thinking injury spleen, fear of kidney injury", the body's five internal organs disorders can cause different emotional reactions, on the contrary, the mood will affect the five internal organs.

Anger on the gas, "" anger hurt the liver, "anger will affect the function of the liver evacuation and the normal operation of the gas machine, there is a series of liver depression fire, gas machine upside down symptoms, such as red eyes red headache, Dizziness, dry mouth mouth bitter, two-point pain and so on.

"Hi then slow," Chinese medicine believes that "happy sad," the heart of Chi-hi. Hi is a positive emotions, but surprises, ecstasy, burst hi, can distract, gas machine slow, palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia and other symptoms. Therefore, the mood should be within a certain range, it is best not to have too much ups and downs. It is often said that patients with cardiovascular disease have to be overjoyed. The study found that when the mood is too excited and agitated, the heartbeat rapidly increases, the blood pressure suddenly rises and the oxygen consumption doubled, so it is easy to induce sudden death.

Stress is very easy to make people feel sad and anxiety, this bad mood will affect the health of the stomach. Chinese medicine that worry worries the spleen. Jiangmeilin said the most common clinical is due to stress in work life, leading to spleen and stomach dysfunction disease, manifested as loss of appetite, stomach pain bloating, and repeated attacks. Because there is no organic lesions, gastroscopy can not find out why, medication is not obvious, this is a typical psychosomatic disease - abnormal expression of somatic symptoms. "30% rely on drugs, 70% self-regulation," Jiang Molin said.

Liu Jun, a psychiatrist at the Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, also believes that it is not the emotional attack on the human body, but the transformation of human inner pain into physical pain. People's ability to respond is limited, such as the body can be readjusted, the body will not appear lesions; if not timely adjustment, bad mood intensity still does not diminish, there will be further pathological conditions, for example, encounter unpleasant things, the heart When uncomfortable, will show a stomachache, in fact, is not really a problem with the stomach, but the heart in order to relieve stress and externalized to the body. If once in a while it does not matter, but if it does so for a long time, it becomes a disease physiologically.

Which organs are most affected by negative emotions. </ strong>

Emotional changes have different effects on various organs. People have a variety of moods are normal, but some emotions for too long, it will affect the health and even lead to some diseases.

"Emotional changes have different effects on various organs." In Liu Jun's view, people have all kinds of moods that are normal, but the long duration of certain emotions can affect their health and even lead to some diseases.

Gastrointestinal tract is considered to be the most able to express emotions of the organs, psychological fluctuations can be unpredictable. Among all psychosomatic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases are ranked first, such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, and about 10% of the world's people have had the disease in their lifetime. Many people have the experience of having a stomachache or diarrhea in the face of stress and anxiety and can not eat without pressure.

Long-term negative emotions, is the formation of hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia and other diseases an important reason. Many patients have similar symptoms of coronary heart disease, such as palpitations, chest tightness, etc., but after examination can rule out the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, or heart abnormalities, but the disease is not serious, and the performance of the symptoms do not match. Most of these people are associated with anxiety or depression. "And if there are really uncomfortable symptoms in their own right, those emotions will be exacerbated."

Psychological and emotional factors and the relationship between hypertension is more closely. Etiology studies on hypertensive patients by psychologists in our country show that 74.5% of patients with bad individual emotions are sick before their illness. And psychological factors are closely related to the disease far more than the above, many diseases are related to psychological factors, but the degree of closeness only.

"Tired" is now a word people are talking about. It is generally accepted that fatigue is generally caused by overloaded physical or mental work. However, psychologists after long-term study found that the right amount of work generally does not cause fatigue, in particular, will not cause fatigue after the rest can not be relieved. Fatigue and the psychological state of the people. Unhealthy emotions, especially anxiety, nervousness, annoyance, etc., can lead to fatigue.