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2018 TV wall the latest popular decoration practices, simple and easy-looking not fancy!

Household 2018-02-24 14:25:23 35

TV wall is a major focus of the living room decoration, TV wall resistance to see, do not install too fancy. The following small series to share with you 2018 TV wall latest popular decoration practices, simple and easy-looking not fancy!

Simple for small-sized TV background wall, you can work hard in color, choose light-colored, light-colored are more appropriate, will not be dazzling, it will not be too dark.

Storage is also a small-sized TV background wall a major focus, the use of TV background wall to be a small bookcase, absolutely better than the other decorations look good!

Now very popular in the Nordic wind, inside the cultural brick, brick walls are particularly popular, just need to do a little decorative effect in the corner of the wall just fine ~

Like the industrial wind can be considered into their own TV background wall into an entire red brick Oh ~ with industrial style bookshelf, TV cabinet as a decoration, super style!

Of course, if there is space behind the back wall of the TV, you can choose to narrow the TV backdrop into a mini-partition, a bar, and connect the two spaces together.

Do not rely on the wall of the TV background wall, can make small units become more transparent, you can put more space to use, very practical!

This simple style of wind only needs a whole surface of light-colored walls, up to a decorative painting, some green plants, enough.

However, the most suitable for small size, or with a certain admission TV background wall, the living room is also required to place a lot of decorations and incorporate debris, so a certain amount of storage space is a must.