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One Piece in the most fans hatred of several roles, it is time to see once hit

Anime 2018-02-24 10:24:31 4

One Piece this long comic, after more than ten years of plot accumulation, has paved the way many, of course, there are many roles that everyone hates to love, more mr.2, such as the cockroach, these supporting roles are for everyone Like, but there are many roles that hinder the protagonist pedestrian growth, very annoying, Xiao Bian today we look at what the role is to make you particularly nasty villain.

1 day dragon people

Denon is the bully in the "One Piece", self-righteous is the founder of the world government's descendants, arrogant and domineering, nonsense, taking great prerogatives, as well as the protection of the Navy, it can be said to burn and looting rape stolen did not quit, Is One Piece is a normal ban on hunting H plot, or not sure.

2. Red dog

In fact, if you do not kill the red dog Esch, it is estimated will not be so disgusted by everyone, after all, the Navy is also responsible for the people, but they are so hard to escape such a life, sacrificing the lives of so many people could have been successful Es saved, but eventually died in the hands of the dog, many fans are watching this episode, crying splinters, and then hate the red dog.

Drum king

Super wretched okay, wretched wretched, wretched to eat, even people can eat, you say! Riding a hippopotamus, he also has a long super hippopotamus, also said that the doctor Sylvir like a hippopotamus, that is, he killed a doctor, can not tolerate it.

4. Spendham

Despicable for people, heart sinister, for their own career, can be said that the authorities do everything. Robin is the entangled in his life, but also the straw hat kid Lu Fei unforgettable pain on the line. Never forget the slap and the kick of the Spandam fan.


In fact, the role itself is not bad, but to Luffy pedestrians really caused a great obstacle, especially in Tokushima, in order to cleanse Bellamy, and Luffy actually hit three sets, three sets ah folks who How can you Ho ah, I was really anxious to see the old man, I really want to stab her knife up to forget.

Black beard

Black beard is Xiao Bian inside one of the most annoying role, not because you are a villain, nor because of your long ugly, because he was in a hurry to kill his former partner, really scum to the extreme.

7. Peach help

Nima pirates in the only one must die is the help of peaches, peach help immortal innocent!

8: Cariboo

In this world of looking at the face, do not ask me why I hate him, really want to see once hit.

Horti Jones

Really do not want to curse, but this is really too tired of the goods, there is no ability to rely on their own medicine to be strong, and finally Lufei fly really happy.

10. Caesar Couron

Caesar is also a full villain a principle of no, other villains at least his own associates will not be poisoned, but to see him plot to kill his own men, it is really mad to death, but in the end he The end of the audience is also very popular solution.

Do not know these roles, is it you are very annoying?