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Zhen Huan after the hazy month, why go to Ganlu Temple practice? The original because the emperor said this nausea

History 2018-02-23 18:14:18 3

Zhen Huan into the palace, because of its appearance and talent are similar to the late Queen Chun, much favor of the emperor. The queen felt that his position was in jeopardy, so in the Zhen Huan princess, framed Zhen Huan put pure Yuanlai, prompting the emperor furious, she banned Jade broken Hin. Zhen Huan father also been framed in prison, contracted plague.

Zhen Hsuan production immediately, heard his father's message, the request and the emperor meet. When she pleaded with her mother, she verbally collided with the emperor. Under the wrath of the emperor, he handed the letter of his hand to Zhen Huan and threw it to Zhen Huan. When Zhen Huan picked it up, he realized that he had turned out to be a substitute for the Queen of Yuan Chun. Zhen Huan anxious because of his father's affair, coupled with the emotional stimulation, bleeding on the way back to Palace. The princess was born tonight.

Zhen Huan gave birth to the princess, the emperor was very happy, came to see Zhen Huan. The emperor wanted to think that Zhen Huan had already wanted to understand that he planned to reconstitute with Zhen Huan. Who knows Zhen Huan did not appreciate. Emperor is angry. I feel Zhen Huan heart is not suitable for such stay in the palace. Let her go to the Buddhist temple meditation, do not have to live in broken jade Xuan.

Zhen Huan also felt that this palace is not suitable for their own survival, not between the emperors before, the Queen as her thorn, naturally will not let go of their children. They have lost their favor, the family also declined, the princess with their own no future. The emperor let her go early, the palace could not stay her. So she asked Princess to raise princess, go to the outside of Ganlu Temple practice. The emperor immediately gave the princess title hazy month.

In fact, when Zhen Huan was born, there was no plan to go to Ganlu Temple. Is the emperor want to reconcile with her old good, that no matter how Zhen family, will not be angry at her, but also sealed her as a concubine. Zhen Huan think the emperor still reluctant to let go of his own father. And what is the use of glory alone? There is no step under the emperor. The emperor felt that Zhen Huan heart is too high, she could not stay in the palace, after she had just finished producing, she was assigned to practice in the temple. Zhen Huan helpless, plus she has given up on the emperor, for the sake of the future of the moon, she asked to Ganluo Temple practice.