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CCTV Secret: Wu Dajing winning only 90% of the force, mentor Li Yan word wins victory magic

Sports 2018-02-23 17:39:21 24

Today, the CCTV special program "Winter Olympics" broadcast an interview with Wu Dashen, a 500-meter gold medalist for the Chinese men's short track speed skating team. Wu Dajing said that the inside of the night before the night of the 22nd night was extremely tense because Prior to the performance of China's Short Track Speed ​​skating team is not satisfactory, the pressure on himself is very large.

Prior to the start of the game, coach Li Yan separately found Wu Dashen, told Wu Dasheng a sentence: "My heart is the universe, the universe is my heart." And Wu Jing-ming with 90% strength to treat the game, Li Yan said so The purpose of the arrangement: "My main concern is that he is too nervous, collapsing is broken, told him to use 90% of the power to slip.

Perhaps because of this sentence, Wu Dajing completely dispel the pressure, in the game he showed an absolute advantage, the direct strength of crushed opponents, the final all the way to get the gold medal. Wu Dajing's fame is completely a reality version of the movie, from a sparring, to the world champion, of which the hardships, and only Wu Dajing himself can understand. I hope he can continue his glory in Beijing Olympic Winter Games.