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Tesla across the zero-second acceleration 2 seconds mark, has just been captured by the Japanese!

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Often see Japanese animation people will be able to remember the beginning of the story of the routine: a detective, scientist, Dana got a mysterious mail in the out of reach of the night, and then open a period of amazing story.

Picture from "Detective Conan"

This happened in the car circle.

Recently, many of the world's top automotive media editor have received a e-mail from Japan, which is a PDF data file, sleepy eyes open mid-point to open a look, what? 0-100km / h acceleration 1.89 seconds?

Like the 100-meter world record of human athletes, it is generally believed that the 0-100 km / h acceleration of a car is closer to a limit and the harder it is to increase by one second. There are many aspects related to aerodynamics, mechanical transmission and even tire rubber materials Comprehensive challenge.

Although humans have used flying cars, rocket cars, F1 and other forms of breakthrough zero crossing one hundred seconds to accelerate the 2 second mark, but these products are mostly experimental, sporty, external shape and we think that the road can be "car" is more The big difference, and in the standard "car" world, humans have stopped at 3 seconds too long.

At the end of last year, Tesla Roadster 2 recorded with 2.1 seconds, this unlimited record close to 2 seconds and even let a lot of electric super-run manufacturers postponed product release plan, that in the "The Grand Tour" season second episode One of them, Ramic, who made Mole stand out as the future of the future.

However, this record was the first to break through the Japanese, which is Aspen Owl who had previously said with intent to "create a world record" at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Building on the tradition of super-run styling, Owl maximized body width and reduced body height, intuitively telling me that the car missed any passing slowdown in Beijing.

The entire body consists of a thin layer of carbon fiber material, thin to what extent? From the back of the car body seems to see the force of a pressure will be broken.

Butterfly door design is still very beautiful, the driver got basically out of bed.

It can be seen from the above data, Owl conducted a total of two performance tests, a result of 1.92 seconds, the second was refreshed to 1.89 seconds.

What is the concept? This means that the vehicle has just left the starting point of 30 cm when the speed has reached 10km / h, this time the tire also less than a circle.

Owl is the meaning of owls, owl flying in peace and dive when taking into account the amazing speed and quiet, and Japan's technology gives us the impression left behind, silently point crooked tech tree, and then the whole thing out.

Owl achieved this amazing result because of two things. First of all, the car used a Hoosier hot-melt tire. In principle, this tire did not allow legal access. Before the test, the tire was heated and quickly loaded Test, which is considered to speed up the key.

More core is the power system, and other electric super-run are different from the traditional lithium battery, Owl adopts the traditional battery + super capacitor hybrid scheme, the super capacitor has better charge and discharge performance, can instantly provide huge current support, in the Owl in both tests is driven by a supercapacitor discharge.

Of course, the vehicle overcomes a lot of engineering and electronics challenges, such as how the motor withstands excessive currents and how the front axle keeps moving in sync with the explosive power of the rear axle.

In the early 90s of last century Honda NSX debut, the Japanese super run to join the super race to become the world's exciting competition, this time of electric age, the return of Japanese players may promote further speed record of human leap .

But unlike Roadster 2, which prepares for mass production, Owl may eventually produce just 50 units, each at an astounding $ 4 million.

So even if the car spray paint to look good after a lot, it is estimated we missed.

Oh right, we can find a long test track, rather than running records in the back of the river in their own backyard it?

This distance really makes me feel unsuccessful

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