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Russia Su-57 emergency deployment of Syria, the United States just positive F22, opened five pairs of machines

Military 2018-02-22 22:09:29 23

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According to Syrian local media reports, a reporter on the morning of February 22 photographed the Russian Su-57 fighters landed at the base of Herme明 video. The air base is currently used by Russia. If the report is accurate, there is no doubt that this is the first deployment of a Russian machine of the fifth generation. Not long ago, however, the United States had just deployed F22 near Syria and its stance on confrontation was very clear. This deployment, there may be the world's first five generations of positive confrontation.

▲ Su-57 fighters were officially entered into the service soon after they were named, but they did not enter the combat units and were still at a trial stage, which is a long way to go

Xiaobian believes that it will not be wise, but very necessary, for Russia to deploy SU-57 in Syria. It is said that after the United States deployed F22 to Syria, Russia has greatly reduced the air superiority of Syrian anti-government forces. The United States Aviation Week even cited insider sources, said the F22 pilots often use their stealth features and radar superior play Su-35, Russian pilots angry. Because of the difference between Su-35 and F-22, the Russian Air Force is often in a passive position. Syria, after all, is not Russia's native land, its deployment of ground-based radar pitiful, but not more than a bit full-band ratio, it is naturally difficult to limit F22. Poor generation of aircraft in the end how far it?

▲ Su 57 built-in magazine has never been opened, its proud of the loading capacity is only speculation

Recently revealed the F-20 and F-10 confrontation exercise news, allegedly four F-20 can use stealth advantage early launch of electromagnetic interference bombs destroy the F-10 electronic support system, and then use the advanced radar system to directly lock the F-10, after Who are unable to resist. Su-35 series fighters although stronger than the F-10, but Su-35 F22 face the situation, certainly not worse than the F-10 F-20 looks too much, so it is perfectly understandable that Russia must send the Soviet Union in the past 57. But to be honest, Xiaobian feel even if the Soviet Union 57 passed, but also can not play a big role.

▲ F22 service for more than 10 years, the United States has been quite skilled use, and Su 57 in its body can not find much benefit

The deployment of Su-57 to Syria is necessary because it is one of Russia's only effective ways to combat F22 abroad. But at the same time it is not very wise, can only be regarded as helpless move. First of all, Su-57 is still under verification. Although it has been commissioned, it has only been experimental in nature and has not been equipped with combat troops. The combat capability has not yet been fully tested. Assuming Mao has always been tough, these tests are some not, just to just F22, then there are many problems worth to worry about. Su-57 is still in the testing phase, there is no good protection. At this time will be deployed in Syria alone, then in the process of confrontation with the F22, the electronic signal, radar features equal to fully exposed. And to do so is equivalent to F22 sparring, tactical ability to be completely F22 after also how to play?

▲ In the anti-aircraft system deployed by Mao Zedong in Syria, F22 can not be effectively limited

Stealth ability and powerful information technology combat capability is superior to predecessors of the Five Dynasties, and Su-57 these two capabilities just as F22 and F-20. According to the Russian "Tass News" report, commentators in their comments on the Soviet Union 57, admitted that 57 stealth F22, F-20 to 1-2 orders of magnitude worse, if only a simple fight with F22 may not be able to achieve good results. Perhaps the Russian Air Force's point of view is similar, did not think Su-57 can fight the F22, so confidentiality does not matter, deploy them face first. Of course, there is a possibility that Russia does not want to touch the F22 Su-57, but Syria as a test ground, try Su-57 in the end is a mule or a horse!

▲ maybe Russia is trying to pull out to India to see, after all, if the F-57 can just F21 can just annihilate 20

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